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Where to stay in Menorca (and where NOT!)

Finding the right place for your holiday in Menorca can be challenging, especially if you have never been there. With over 17 different and unique holiday destinations to choose from, it isn’t easy. Luckily I have been to all resorts and many of the best-reviewed hotels on the island. So here is my summary and a quick guide to where to stay in Menorca.

Best hotel & destination for you in Menorca

Below I have selected the best hotels in the ideal holiday destination for your specific situation. However, if you only care about the hotel and not the surroundings, then have a look at my complete selection of the best hotels in Menorca.

For the mentioned hotels below I provide affiliate links to Booking.com for more pictures and pricing.

Family holidays

The most family-friendly hotels in the most family-friendly holiday destination on Menorca is Zafiro Menorca in Cala n Bosch, Melia Cala Galdana in Cala Galdana and Sunconnect Los Delfines in Cala en Blanes. All these hotels are located within walking distance from the beach and have many bars, restaurants and shops nearby.

Beach holidays in Menorca

Carema Beach Menorca in Cala n Bosch is great for those who want a beach holiday in a family-friendly location with many bars and restaurants nearby. Playa Santandria Unique is for those who want a relaxed and peaceful place that is not too touristy. Finally, Melia Cala Galdana is your best choice for a beach holiday with not only one of the prettiest beaches in Menorca right in front but also two other brilliant ones within walking distance.

Holidays without a car

I am asked, quite often, if it is possible to visit Menorca without (renting) a car and where you should stay then? The short answer is yes, but I would not advise it because of the layout of the road network in Menorca. There are very few coastal roads, so you will always need to head inland to go somewhere else. This will take longer and might require you to transfer onto multiple buses.

If you are not renting a car, I would advise Cala en Blanes, Cala en Bosch and Cala Galdana as they are the more complete ones and there is no need to go somewhere else during your stay.

If you want to stay somewhere where you have the best connection to public transport to visit many different places without a car, then Ciutadella, and to a lesser extent, Mahon is your best choice. Both the hotels mentioned in “Cultural city holidays” will, in this case, be a great choice.

However, I would strongly advise renting a car for anyone visiting Menorca for a week or longer. Renting a car in Menorca (if reserved in advance) costs most of the season less than 20 euros a day with full insurance if you rent it for a week or more. Just make sure you book with a reputable company. You can find my complete “How to rent a car” guide here and the companies I used in Menorca.

Cultural city holidays

For a cultural city holiday in Menorca, you have 2 choices. The Barcelo Hamilton Menorca is good for a city holiday in Mahon and Ferrer Skyline in Ciutadella. While the Barcelo is a bit outside Mahon (accessible by bus, car, taxi or a short walk), the Ferrer is right in the city of Ciutadella.

Luxury holidays

Hotel 55 Santo Tomas, in this case, is for those who are looking for the newest and most modern option. Located in the back on top of the hill overlooking Santo Tomas, it is great for a relaxed setting. Insotel Punta Prima Prestige Suites & Spa is also an excellent choice for a luxury bit more active holiday. Last but not least, Prinsotel La Caleta is a great luxury hotel in a peaceful location but might be too quiet for some (Cala Santandria).

Nightlife & party holidays

Menorca is not a party island, but it has some nightlife. If you are looking to go out and party, then the closest thing you will find is Ciutadella, but most is aimed at the local Spanish population. The more active resorts with some late-night bars are Cala n Bosch and Cala en Blanes. A great night out you can also find in the Caves d’en Xoroi.

Adults only & couples holidays in Menorca

Where is the best adults-only hotel for you in Menorca? This depends, of course, a lot on what you want from your adults-only holiday. But if you’re going to make it a sportive one, then the Artiem Audax in Cala Galdana is ideal for you. On the other hand, want it to be more about relaxation, then both the Sol Beach House in Santo Tomas and Portblue La Quinta in Cala en Bosch are good for you. Finally, if you want that youthful Ibiza style vibe, then the closest thing to it on Menorca is Lago Resort Menorca beach club Casas del Lago.

Quiet “less touristy” holidays

There are a lot of great destinations in Menorca, but not many of them have great hotels in them. For a quiet, less touristy holiday, I advise you to look at villas or houses in Cala Morell, Fornells and Cala en Porter.

Budget holidays in Menorca

If you are visiting Menorca on a budget, then choosing the right destination is essential. The more budget-friendly destinations on Menorca are Ciutadella and Mahon. Both of these are much cheaper to stay in than the main holiday resorts on the island. Also getting there will save you money as it is easy to take public bus transportation. Another good option for a budget holiday are the smaller and less touristy resorts mentioned above.

All the resorts in Menorca

Cala Santandria

Cala Santandria is a tiny place. If you want a relaxed destination to go on holiday to Menorca and spend most of your days on the beach, this is a great place. Just know that there isn’t much choice of restaurants and almost no nightlife whatsoever. However, Ciutadella is close by if you want a bit of a change.

Best places to stay in Cala Santandria
Beach – Unique Playa Santandria Menorca
Luxury – Prinsotel La Caleta

Arenal d’en Castell

Arenal d’en Castell has a beautiful beach and a small water park. Otherwise, this area has little to offer. If you want to spend time on the beach and you can find a good deal for any of the better hotels here, then this is an excellent place for you. However, if you are travelling with small children, it might not be ideal. This area is located against a pretty steep hill, so getting around might not be that easy.

Santo Tomas

Are you looking for the more modern and newish hotels in Menorca? Then Santo Tomas is one of the best places for you to go on holiday. The beach is also very nice, and the whole area is immaculate and well maintained. This area is also one of the better places in Menorca if you want to explore and see a lot of the island of Menorca with easy road connection to the main road on the island.

Best places to stay in Santo Tomas
Seaside adults-only – Sol Beach House Menorca
Modern – Hotel 55 Santo Tomas

Son Bou

Son Bou is a pretty random place. Most of this area is residential real estate, but a small part of it is hotels. If you are booking and hotel here, pay very good attention to where it is located as some are very high up against the hill or just in a very random location away from everything. If you book your hotel in the right place, everything like bars, restaurants, and shops is within easy walking distance.


Ciutadella is not the best holiday destination for most people. Most people visiting Menorca in summer are here for sun and beach, and Ciutadella offers little of that. However, if you speak some Spanish and like to mingle with local culture and are interested in history… Ciutadella might be great for you. Or, just as a starting point to explore the rest of the island, this might be a good choice.

Best places to stay in Ciutadella
Modern – Ferrer Skyline
Explore Ciutadella and the island – Hotel Port Ciutadella


Binibeca is a pretty special place. You either like it or don’t. If you are looking for new, modern, big hotels, this place isn’t right for you. It offers primarily houses and villas to rent. One of the main appeals is that it is close to the airport, so it is easy to get to.

Cala Blanca

With 2 lovely beaches to choose from and everything within walking distance, the resort of Cala Blanca is a good holiday destination for families with young children who like to spend time on the beach. There isn’t much variety of things to do here, but if you are looking for a place that is not too busy and where you can chill… this could be a good destination. Ciutadella is also only 2-3 km away if you want a change of scenery or some culture.

Best places to stay in Cala Blanca
Beach – Globales Mediterrani
Relaxing – Globales Mediterrani

Son Parc

Son Parc is one of these weird resorts in the North of Menorca and therefore maybe not be suitable for most people’s holiday needs. However, a nice Golf course in this holiday destination makes it ideal for those looking to do some golfing during their holiday.

Cala Morell

There isn’t anything else in Cala Morell than a restaurant or 2 and the beach. So if you want peace, quiet and a non-touristy vibe… this might be the right holiday destination for you.


If you like a city holiday, then Mahon might be great for you. Especially if you are going for a few days or weekend, it could be great. However, know that there are no beaches here, so no real swimming possibilities. But by bus or rental car, you can quickly get to several just outside of town. There are plenty of restaurants, markets, historic buildings to visit, boat rides to go on and marvellous restaurants to eat at.

Best places to stay in Mahon
On the outskirt (Es Castell) – Artiem Carlos and Barcelo Hamilton Menorca
Closer to city centre and harbour – Port Mahon


Platja de Fornells is a pretty chill place and not very big. So if you are looking for a compact holiday destination with a lovely beach, this might be right for you. However, keep in mind that this area is quite hilly, so if you travel with children in prams or the elderly… this might not be the best choice for you. Fornells harbour area I would not advise anyone unless you are coming here to do some water sport like windsurfing or kitesurfing.

Cala en Bosch

Cala en Bosch is one of the more family-friendly resorts in Menorca, together with Cala en Blanes. When it comes to food options, it has a large variety. Also, there are some fun things to do with the kids like the waterpark, go-karting track and several beaches to discover. Everything is located centrally in the resort, and the whole area is pretty flat, so it is easy to get around. Only keep in mind it is a pretty far drive from the airport, one of the furthest ones on the island, about 45 minutes by taxi.

Best places to stay in Cala en Bosch
Family – Zafiro Menorca and Marsenses Paradise Club & Spa
Adults only – Lago Resort Menorca (modern) and Portblue La Quinta (relaxed)
Beach – Carema Beach Menorca


S’Algar is a small and somewhat random place in Menorca that is primarily residential villas and houses. However, there are also some hotels here. I can most advise this place for a relaxing adults-only holiday in Menorca. In that case, the hotel Portblue S’Algar is an excellent choice. You won’t find many restaurants here, so this place isn’t for you if you like dining out. There isn’t a beach here but a beach club and concrete swimming platforms to swim from. It’s pretty unique, and if you are not much of a beach person anyway, it could be great for you. Just a short walk away, you will find the Cala Alcaufar beach that offers a natural beach.

Cala en Blanes

Cala en Blanes is ideal for those looking for a resort in Menorca that has a wide variety of bars, restaurants and shops to browse. Also when it comes to beaches there is a large variety with over 4 in the resort itself and many others can be reached easily by bus. In the evening, this is also one of the more lively resorts in Menorca. All in all, this area is one of the more family-friendly ones in Menorca.

Best places to stay in Cala en Blanes
Beach – Globales Cala ‘n Blanes
Family – Globales Los Delfines

Punta Prima

Punta Prima is very close to the airport and is ideal for those travelling with small children. If you like all-inclusive and having great kids pools, games and entertainment in the hotel, many of the hotels here will suit you fine. This resort is primarily suitable for those travelling for a sun-soaked, all-inclusive holiday that mostly takes place in the hotel but also has a pretty ok beach and some bars for the days you want to explore a bit outside the hotel.

Best places to stay in Punta Prima
All-inclusive family – Occidental Menorca and Insotel Punta Prima
All-inclusive luxury – Insotel Punta Prima Suites & Spa

Cala en Porter

Cala en Porter is one of the smallest destinations you can go on holiday to in Menorca. If you want the “get away from it all” experience mixed with a bit of pure Spanish vibe, this might be a good choice for you. However, this area is pretty hilly, so it might not be ideal for the elderly or small children and babies. The beach here is pretty standard white sands and clear blue water. In the evening, one of the great places to enjoy here is the Covas d’en Xoroi caves overlooking the sea.

Cala Galdana

In my opinion, Cala Galdana is one of the prettiest holiday destinations in Menorca. Not only do you have a lovely beach here but also a nice little port area. Everything in the resort also feels clean and well maintained. Whether you like to relax or be more active, Cala Galdana does have you covered. From here, you can do a lot of watersports or hike to any of the stunning beaches nearby. If you want to make it easier, you can take the boat to those beaches.

Best places to stay in Cala Galdana
Family and beach – Melia Cala Galdana
Active adults-only – Artiem Audax