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View from Cala Tirant beach

So let’s first get this clear. Fornells can refer to 2 different areas on Menorca, so definitely check your hotel’s location before booking it. For example, “Fornells harbour area (Fornells)” and “Fornells beach area (Platja de Fornells)” are about 4 km apart. So make sure you book your accommodation in the right place.


Platja de Fornells beach

There are two different beaches here next to each other, the small tiny beach of Platja de Fornells and the bigger Cala Tirant. Both are nice, light brownish to white sandy beaches from where you can do a lot of water sports like kayaking. The beaches are sheltered from the sea, so the water most of the time is nice and calm.

Things to do

In Fornells, there are lots to do for those who love the sea. Many boat tours leave from here to explore the nearby beaches and coastline. You can also rent a kayak or a stand-up paddleboard here.

My complete list of things to do in Menorca you can find right here.

Restaurants & bars

Tourist eating on a restaurant terrace in Fornells

In Platja de Fornells, you will find only a few bars and restaurants. There is not that much variety as the resort is relatively small. In the neighbouring Fornells harbour, you can find many authentic Spanish and fish restaurants.

Menorca airport to Fornells

Fornells is 30 km away from Menorca airport.

  • If taking public transport to Fornells you will first have to go to Mahon and then take another bus to Fornells that takes many stops along the way. The price of both these busses together is 5.90 euros.
  • A shuttle is a more easy option at 11 euros.
  • Taxies cost 37 euros but cost more on the weekends or evenings.

You can find the companies I would advise using and more info right here.

Is Fornells or Platja de Fornells the right holiday destination for you?

Town of Platja de Fornells

Platja de Fornells is a pretty chill place and not very big. So if you are looking for a compact holiday destination with a relaxing beach, this might be right for you. However, keep in mind that this area is quite hilly, so travelling here with children or the elderly might not be the best choice for you. Also, Fornells harbour area, I would not advise anyone unless you are coming here to do some water sport like windsurfing or kitesurfing.

If you are not sure this area of Menorca is suitable for your holiday, then look at my where to stay in Menorca guide.