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About me

Yes, CheckHolidays is me, an average real-life person… my real name is Ive. I write, film, edit, create and publish all my holiday guides (99%) by myself. But when I started, I wanted a name that looked “professional”… now I am stuck with that. So on this page, I want to tell you a little bit more about myself and show you that I am just an average person who, through circumstances, became one of the most prominent holiday advisors about the Spanish Islands.

15 years in Spain: Random swim

All of this started after living and working all over Spain as a hotel entertainer, bartender, cameraman and sound technician for over 15 years. But after many years doing various jobs all over the Spanish islands, I had difficulty finding something I enjoyed doing and felt passionate about.

So I sat down and tried to figure out what I enjoyed doing. Looking back over the jobs I had already done, I came up with two things I really enjoyed. These were giving people a great holiday and creating things. Both of these I did in my previous jobs, but of course, I couldn’t work as a 30+ something hotel entertainer forever. After a while, that gets weird. So I decided to go entirely in on my YouTube channel with only 5 videos about Mallorca at the time to see if that would work out or not.

It took a few years but currently (2022), I am helping over 4 million people each year with their holidays to Spain. While that is great, it is not about the numbers for me. It is about giving honest holiday advice that is hard to find on the internet. With most of the pages out there being from travel companies, bloggers or Instagram models who like to make everything look perfect, I try to do the exact opposite. I will show it to you just like it is, so you can decide if it is right for you or not.


Hi, I'm Ive. I lived, worked and travelled on the Spanish Islands for over 20 years. It is there that I started the YouTube channel (www.youtube.com/@checkedholidays) and website (www.checkedholidays.com) to help people have better holidays on the islands. This hobby turned into a fulltime job and mission overtime.

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