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Hi, my name is Ive!

I have lived, worked and travelled all over the Spanish Islands for over 20 years.

While living there, I got frustrated with the wrong advice my friends and family received before they visited me. They were often suggested bad hotels, attractions or excursions.

So I uploaded this video to YouTube in 2015 to help tourists and my family and friends have better holidays in Mallorca, the Spanish Islands I lived on then. Have a look at it if you want to. It is one of my first YouTube videos. 😅

That video got featured on the Express website in the United Kingdom and quickly gained thousands of viewers.

From there, I got inspired to do even more, and I started making many more videos and this website.

  1. I personally write all the content on this website (In English, not the translated versions), covering both the good and the bad about holidays on the Spanish Islands with the goal of you having the best holiday advice and the best holiday.
  2. I visit all the resorts, areas and hotels I advise on this website (as seen in my YouTube videos) and pay for all these travel expenses myself, so my opinion is always independent, honest and unbiased.
  3. None of the hotels, attractions or excursions on this website have paid me to write paid sponsored posts or advertisements for them. A common practice where hotels, attractions or excursions pay a website directly to promote them specifically. I have never done this and will never do this.
  4. To be able to advise only the best and still receive an income to run the website, I use affiliate links to popular and trusted booking websites. So I can freely select only the best hotels, attractions and excursions. These are also the websites I use myself when travelling.
  5. All photos on this website are taken by myself with my phone or camera and have received minimal editing. You will not find perfect promotional images on this website. This way you can see what places are really like, just like on my YouTube channel.