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15 Menorca holiday tips: Things to do, see & AVOID!

After travelling around Menorca for a few weeks, I made this list of things to do, see and experience on the island. I also included some things to avoid and not do to ensure you have a great holiday in Menorca. I provide (affiliate) links for more details, prices and bookings.


Menorca has several waterparks, but these can not be compared to some of the huge waterparks you can find on the bigger islands in Spain like Tenerife and Mallorca. The waterparks on Menorca are all relatively small. If you are travelling with a family with kids, they might be worth visiting. But for adults or teenagers, they don’t offer much.

If you don’t have a rental car, my advice would be to visit the one closest to your hotel simply. If there is no waterpark in the resort you are staying in, you can go on a day trip to Aquacenter Waterpark. This is located in the heart of Cala en Blanes. After visiting the waterpark, you can find many live shows and nice restaurants to choose from in the evening nearby.

Montana del Toro

One of the first or last things you should do is drive up the Montana del Toro. From here, you have a fantastic view of the island of Menorca. If you do this when just arriving, it is a great way to get a feel and better understanding of the island so you can plan your holiday better. If you do this on the last day, it is a great way to look back on the island that hopefully gave you a great holiday.

Not to be missed.. Cova d’en Xoroi

One of the unique experiences on the island has to be the Cova d’en Xoroi. You can enjoy these caves overlooking the sea from the cliff tops in the daytime with a chill drink.

Visit the best night club on the island

While a family-style excursion during the daytime, the Cova d’en Xoroi are entirely different at night. They become one of the best nightclub experiences on the island for those looking to go clubbing. But also offer live performances and much more.

Visit Ciutadella or Mahon?

Should you visit any of Mahon or Ciutadella? If you want to get a real feel for the island and experience some local culture… then yes. Ciutadella used to be the capital, but Mahon is the capital of Menorca at this moment in time. So both have some ancient historic buildings, markets and great places to eat. If you want to visit Mahon, it is best to go around lunchtime or earlier to have plenty of time to see all there is to see in the city. And for Ciutadella, I would advise just going there in the late evening to have a look around and a nice tapas dinner.

Don’t forget sunscreen

Because Menorca can get pretty windy, it also means it might feel less hot than it is, and the sun can surprise you. To be safe, always wear sunscreen to avoid unpleasant sunburns.

Tapas galore

People always ask me about tapas! Wherever they go in Spain, they want to know where to eat and try them. Well, in Menorca, if you want a truly authentic tapas experience, I would advise you to visit the Mercat des Peix in Mahon. This old school fish market has been partly converted into one of the most authentic tapa experiences you can have in Menorca.

Family fun time

One of the shows on the island that is most popular with families is the Son Martorellet equestrian show (horse theatre show). It is a 2-hour show with lots of variety. If you have children, up to 12-14 years old, or like horses, a must-see.


One of the most popular things to do in Menorca is to rent a kayak. Since there are no real coastal roads on the island, it is also one of the best ways to explore some of the untouched coastline and hidden beaches. Renting a kayak in Fornells is the best as this is the more unspoiled part of the island and there are lots of nice things to discover. If you feel uncomfortable going alone, you can also decide to take a guided Kayak tour.

Rent a car

Unless you are going fully all-inclusive and are not planning on leaving the hotel or resort you are staying in, I would highly advise renting a car for your holiday. This is because the road system on Menorca is somewhat messed up because there are no coastal roads. Therefore, if you want to go anywhere on the island, you first have to go far inland and then to your next destination. Thus, making the distance to go anywhere much longer than you would expect.

You can use public busses, but you will have to find connecting lines most of the time, and it will take a long time. By renting a car you are much more flexible. If renting a car make sure to have a quick look at my checklist when renting a car in Menorca to make sure you avoid problems and bad rental car companies.

Refresh with one of these awesome drinks

This is a weird one… I know. I just picked this off the shelves because it looked interesting but kept buying it for the rest of my holiday. I think this is something typically Spanish or from Menorca but it was so good I had to advise it to you. Your perfect summer beach drink for your holiday in Menorca … “Fonter” lime and lemon!

Bring a jacket or sweater

Menorca is a pretty flat island with few mountains or peaks, which can get pretty windy. And while this might provide some freshness during summer, it also means that it might get too chilly in the evenings and the colder months. So do make sure to bring some warmer clothing for the more windy days. Please look at my Menorca weather guide here to make sure you pick the right time to go.

Go on a hike or mountain bike ride

While this is most likely nothing you want to do in the heat of summer, it is ideal to do in the fresher months of the year. Many resorts have hidden beaches just a few kilometres away that are easily reached on foot or mountain bike. Cala Galdana has some lovely beaches to discover just outside of the resort, like Cala Mitjana and Cala Macarella.

Discover some really nice beaches … the lazy way

The easiest way to discover the nicest beach in Menorca is to take the boat. There are many different ones on the island offering these types of excursions. Most of them leaving from the larger ports on the island like Fornells, Mahon and Ciutadella.

Don’t choose the wrong resort on Menorca

Menorca has many smaller resorts and holiday destinations but also some really big ones. So to make sure you book the correct holiday for you in Menorca, make sure you pick the right holiday destination. You can find my quick guide to the ideal holiday destination for you right here.