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Ciutadella cathedral

Ciutadella used to be the capital of Menorca but now has been replaced by Mahon. Still, this area is full of history, shopping and dining possibilities and worth a visit. While some choose to stay here during their holiday, most prefer to make a one-day visit here. Whatever you decide to do, here is a quick guide to the things you need to know.

Best hotels in Ciutadella

I visited several of the hotels here during my stay and are, in my opinion, the best ones:

  • Ferrer Skyline for those looking for the most modern hotel and easy walking distance to the center of town.
  • Hotel Port Ciutadella is good if you want to explore in and around Ciutadella. This one offers easier parking as it is more outside of town.

Things to do

Some of the highlights of Ciutadella:

  • There leave many boat trips from the local harbor to go and explore the nearby coastline and beaches.
  • Nearby in Cala en Blanes, you have a pretty nice waterpark for those with small children. It, however, is not big enough or has enough slides to appeal to older teenagers or adults.

Here is my complete list of things to do in Menorca.


Ciutadella harbour area

There aren’t any real beaches in the city. There is the Platja Gran, but it is not in a nice location. It is much better to walk a little bit away from the city. On one side of town, you have the Playa Santandria, and on the other side, you have the Cala ‘n Blanes at about 2 km away. You can walk to both easily or take the public bus.

Is Ciutadella the right holiday destination for you?

Antique clock in Ciutadella

Ciutadella is not the best holiday destination for most people. Most people visiting Menorca do so for the sea and beach, and Ciutadella offers little of that. However, if you speak some Spanish and like to mingle with local culture and are interested in history… Ciutadella might be great for you. Or just as a starting point to explore the rest of the island, this is also a good choice.

So is Ciutadella the right holiday destination for you in Menorca? If you are not sure, then have a look at my where to stay in Menorca guide.

Menorca airport to Ciutadella

Ciutadella is located 46 km from Menorca airport on the other side of the island.

  • With public transport, you will first have to go to Mahon and from there take a 2nd bus to Ciutadella. The price is 2.65 euros to Mahon and 5.10 euros to Ciutadella.
  • A shuttle is a more easy option but the price is a bit higher at 11 euros.
  • Taxi’s start from 53 euro but cost more on the weekends or evenings.

You can find more info and the companies I would advise using right here.