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Best hotels in Mahon

If you are planning on spending a holiday in Mahon there are only 3 hotels I can advise:

  • Artiem Carlos and Barcelo Hamilton Menorca for a modern adults-only holiday just on the outside of the city. Getting to the city is a small walk, taxi or bus ride away.
  • Hotel Port Mahon in the best location close to the harbor and city. Ideal for those who like to dine out every day.

Food & drinks

Tapas restaurant in Mahon

In Mahon, you can get quality and authentic meals compared to some of the more touristy resorts on Menorca, especially near the harbour. Not where the cruise ships are but more in the direction of the Cala Figuera. Also, if you want a truly authentic tapas experience, you should visit the fish market (Mercat de Pescados). While on the right of the entrance, you will find the original fish market, on the right, you will find some authentic tapa restaurants. If you go on the weekends, expect it to be swamped!

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Shopping & markets

Inside market

Menorca airport to Mahon

Mahon is just 8 km away from Menorca Airport.

  • Taking public transport line number 10 will get you there for 2.65 euros in just a few minutes.
  • A shuttle is a more costly option at 11 euros but will take you to your hotel and not just the central bus stop.
  • Taxies start at 14 euros but cost more on the weekends or evenings.

You can find the companies I would advise using and more info right here.

Is Mahon the right holiday destination for you?

People visiting historic building in Mahon

If you like a city holiday, then Mahon might be great for you. Especially if you are going for a few days or weekends, it could be an ideal choice. However, know that there are no beaches here, so no swimming possibilities. But by bus or rental car, you can quickly get to several just outside of town. There are plenty of restaurants, markets, historic buildings to visit, boat rides to go on and marvellous restaurants to eat at. So Mahon is perfect for an adults-only holiday if you enjoy city life.

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