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Where to stay in Ibiza for Families (Baby to Teenager)

The quick answer

The best hotels for families in Ibiza
Babies and toddlers – Insotel Tarida Beach Resort
Children up to 8 years old – Hotel Leonardo Royal Hotel Santa Eulalia
Children up to 12 years old – TUI Magic Life Cala Pada
Teenagers – Hard Rock Hotel Ibiza

Best areas for families in MenorcaIdeal ageBest for
Es CanarAll agesFor families who want it all
San Antonio and Cala de Bou12+ and 4+Bustling and active holiday
Playa d’en Bossa12+Luxurious holidays
Puerto de San Miguel0 to 12Beach and nature
Cala Tarida4+Beach holiday

Best family holiday areas and hotels in Ibiza

Es Canar

Es Canar is the most complete holiday destination for families in Ibiza, with babies to teenagers and children of all ages. If you like an area with many things to see and do, then this area is ideal for you.

  • An excellent and safe golden sand beach for families with shallow waters and small waves.
  • Different beaches nearby for those with older children who want to explore on foot or by boat.
  • A funfair in the heart of town primarily popular in the evenings.
  • Lots of different restaurants and cuisines to try.
  • A large variety of relaxing, active and motorized watersports.
  • A large selection of family-friendly restaurants and cuisines to try.
  • Eating out is pretty budget-friendly compared to some other places in Ibiza.
  • Family-friendly nightlife with karaoke, live shows, singers and bands.
  • Safe promenade next to the sea without traffic.

Best family holiday hotels in Es Canar
€ – Leonardo Royal Hotel Santa Eulalia is in an ideal location for a family holiday next to the beach. From the hotel, you can step directly onto the sand. But the hotel also has excellent pools for adults and kids with slides and fun things to play with. This hotel is excellent value for money, especially with the all-inclusive.
€€ – Hotel Anfora Ibiza is ideal for couples who just had their first child and want a relaxing holiday. This hotel has a very relaxed feel and multiple places to swim and relax. There is also a dedicated play area in the shade for babies and toddlers. If you have 2 babies or children, it is less interesting as you will have to book 2 rooms, making it much more expensive. This hotel is located in the heart of town, just a short walk from restaurants and the beach.

San Antonio and Cala de Bou

San Antonio and Cala de Bou connect and it is pretty hard to say where one stops and the other starts. That is why I discussed them here together.  They are great for those who like to have lots to see and do nearby and like to explore. You can go here with children of all ages, but if you want to get the most out of your holiday, it is best for older children and teenagers as it takes some action to get the most out of this holiday destination.

If you have kids under 12, then in general, Cala de Bou will be the best one for you. San Antonio is louder and has more crazy nightlife, so it is better for older teenagers who like to have a “cool” holiday.

  • Many different beaches are connected by ferry and taxi boat for exploration.
  • Karting track nearby.
  • Bungee slingshot and amusement park.
  • All kinds of watersports, both relaxing and active.
  • Cap Blanc Aquarium is nearby for the little ones.
  • Lots of different boat trips for exploring the coastline, snorkelling or sunset watching.
  • Large selection of restaurants and cuisines to try out.
  • Fun excursions like paddle boarding tours, with snorkelling and cave exploration.
  • Well-known fast food restaurants for those with fussy eaters.
  • Minigolf, trampolines and arcades (mainly in the Cala de Bou area).
  • Sirenis Aquagames Waterpark for the smallest ones.
  • Cool beach clubs to enjoy for older teenagers.

Best family holiday hotels in San Antonio and Cala de Bou
€ – Marvell Club Hotel & Apartments is an excellent place for a budget-friendly holiday for families with toddlers or young children. Especially with the new kid’s pool with slides and games. The hotel is next to the main shopping street with bars and restaurants. You have different room options here, but all are colourful and family-friendly, and some have fun bunk beds for kids. 
€€ – TUI Blue Aura, which is all-inclusive, is located a bit further away from the main town but close to an almost private beach for the few hotels here. The taxi boat also stops on this beach and can take you quickly to the central San Antonio area or take stops all along the coast. In the hotel, you also find the Sirenis Aquagames waterpark for your children, included in the price. With the all-inclusive package, you have everything in the hotel for a great family holiday without the need to leave the hotel.

Playa d’en Bossa

Playa d’en Bossa is best for those families who want a luxurious holiday. While this area is mostly known for clubbing and crazy nightlife, the part of this area where most of the family holiday hotels are is pretty far away from this. You will see it but not be bothered by it. This area is ideal for a luxury holiday for older teenagers.

  • The island’s longest white sandy beach.
  • Shortest and fastest airport transfer from the nearby airport.
  • Ideal for a quick getaway for just a few days.
  • Bustling and active area.
  • Lots of watersports like Jetskiing and paddle boarding.
  • Easy boat taxi to nearby beaches and beach clubs.
  • Many luxurious beach clubs along the coastline.
  • Explore nearby Eivissa for culture, dining or the nightlife.
  • Excellent selection of more upscale restaurants to enjoy.
  • Many popular fast-food restaurants.
  • Quick boat connection to Formentera.

Best family holiday hotels in Playa d’en Bossa
€€€ – Grand Palladium Palace Ibiza is not the cheapest hotel on this list because it is one of the most luxurious ones. If you are looking for a luxurious family holiday and can afford it, this hotel is the best. 
€€€ – Hard Rock Hotel Ibiza is a hotel that is not associated with excellent family holidays because of its name, but they do offer them. This hotel has some fun play areas for kids and gaming and music rooms for children and teenagers. You are also directly next to the beach and can use the luxurious sunbeds and beach club just in front of the hotel.

Puerto de San Miguel

If you want a relaxing family beach holiday, Puerto de San Miguel is a great holiday destination for you and your family. You can have a great holiday here with children of all ages, but it is best for babies, toddlers and younger children, as teenagers might find little to do for them here.

  • Safe beach in a cove protected from the sea with small waves and shallow waters.
  • Quick access to the beach from anywhere in the resort.
  • Watersports like pedal boats and kayaking.
  • The Can Marca Caves are located here with a light show and a great story for kids about smugglers.
  • Benirras Hippy Beach is also nearby.
  • It’s an excellent place for your children to snorkel and see lots of fish.
  • A relaxed atmosphere with quiet evenings is ideal for young children who need naps or have early bedtimes.
  • Horse riding options nearby.

Best family holiday hotels in Puerto de San Miguel
€ – Balansat Resort is, if you book in time, the most budget-friendly hotel on this list, with or without the all-inclusive. This hotel has excellent play areas for kids, a great mini-club, a pool for adults to relax and a play pool for kids with slides and games. Also, you are just a short walk away from the beach. The kids club and entertainment for all ages ensure there is always something to do for the entire family.

Cala Tarida

Cala Tarida is great for families who want a hotel near an excellent, safe beach. While you can stay here with children of all ages, families with babies or toddlers in strollers might find it a bit harder to get around because of the hilly terrain.

  • All hotels are close to the beach.
  • Excellent and safe beach located in a sheltered bay.
  • Quiet and relaxed evenings, ideal for those with early bedtimes.
  • Very flat and small area, easy to navigate for parents with babies or toddlers in strollers.
  • Plenty of boat trips to nearby beaches and coves can be joined directly from the beach.
  • Cali Moli, Cala Corral and Cala Codolar are nearby to visit with kayak or hiking trips.
  • Beach clubs popular and also excellent for families a short taxi ride away.
  • Excellent restaurants with beach views and more budget-friendly options in the back streets.
  • Lots of watersports.

Best family holiday hotels in Cala Tarida
€€ – Insotel Club Tarida Playa is the best hotel in Cala Tarida for those who love to be close to the beach. From the back of the hotel, you are just a few steps away from the beach. If you stay in the hotel, the all-inclusive gives you access to a wide choice of restaurants and bars, and of course, the hotel has lots of activities and sports for all ages. This hotel is best for older children and teenagers.
€€ – Insotel Tarida Beach Resort is a luxurious all-inclusive hotel for families with spacious rooms and suites. There are plenty of pools, including pools connecting to the apartments for those kids who can’t wait, and a fun kids play pool with slides. Also, there is lots of entertainment for children and adults. This hotel is ideal for those with babies, toddlers and younger children.

Bonus tips for perfect family holidays in Ibiza

  • TUI Magic Life Cala Pada is also worth considering if you want a tremendous all-inclusive hotel and beach holiday. This hotel is not in a town but next to an excellent beach with all-inclusive service. This vast hotel has many pools, sports fields and entertainment, keeping your kids busy and entertained all day without leaving the hotel.
  • Taxis at the Ibiza airport only accept a maximum of 4 passengers and rarely have children’s safety seats. For this reason, it is best to book a taxi or shuttle bus before arriving.
  • Ibiza is best for families with older children and teenagers. If you are travelling with a baby or toddler, you might be better off checking for family holidays in Menorca and Mallorca, the neighbouring islands.
  • While many beach clubs are excellent for families, before going, it is best to check online as some are only for adults and won’t allow children.
  • Ibiza is best visited with babies and toddlers in May and October, as the island is quiet and not too crowded. Many parts of the island are loud and crowded in July and August, making it less fun for families with babies and toddlers. Check here when it is best to visit Ibiza with your children.