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Where to stay in Ibiza (and where NOT!)

Finding the right spot for your holiday in Ibiza can be challenging, especially if it’s your first visit. With over 15 diverse and unique holiday destinations on the island to choose from, the choices can be overwhelming. Especially when you know not all holiday destinations are clubbing and nightlife hotspots like many people think. Fortunately, I’ve explored all these destinations and many of the top-rated hotels on the island. So, here’s my rundown and a concise guide on where best to stay in Ibiza.

Best hotel & destination for your holiday in Ibiza

Below, I have handpicked the top hotels in the perfect location in Ibiza, tailored to your unique needs. This selection comes after visiting over 70 hotels in Ibiza during my time on the island. For the hotels mentioned below, I offer affiliate links to Booking.com, where you can view more photos and check out the prices.

Clubbing, party and nightlife holidays

Ushuaia hotel and beach club

Most people think Ibiza is one giant clubbing and party island, but that is untrue. If you are looking for all-night clubbing and parties, only 3 holiday destinations in Ibiza are great for you.

  • Playa d’en Bossa with its iconic beach clubs and some of the biggest clubbing scenes on the island. There are also some of the most well-known hotels here for clubbing, such as the Ushuaia Ibiza.
  • San Antonio has a variety of iconic party streets and locations like the Sunset Strip and the West End. One of the most famous hotels for its amazing pool parties is the adults-only Ibiza Rocks Hotel. It is also one of the more budget-friendly for a true party holiday.
  • Eivissa is the bustling capital of Ibiza and a great nightlife location. The nightlife here mainly takes place outside on terraces, in the town area and clubs like Pacha’s and Lio Ibiza. The most party-themed hotel here El Hotel Pacha. It is especially great if you want to come for a quick clubbing weekend with free entrance to Pacha’s.

Family holidays

While many destinations in Ibiza are okay for a family holiday with teenagers, only a few are great for families with small children or babies. If you want the most family-friendly holiday experience, Es Canar and Cala de Bou are your best choices. These offer what most expect of a family-friendly holiday destination, like family-friendly evening entertainment, plenty of different restaurants, activities and safe beaches.

  • Leonardo Royal Hotel in Es Canar is great for families with lots of activities, a mini-club and it is right next to the beach.
  • Marvell Club in Cala de Bou is a great hotel for a holiday with the family. Close to everything in this area.
  • Balansat Resort is located in Puerto de San Miguel. The hotel has everything you could want for a family holiday, but there is little to see and do here. However, this place is ideal if you are looking for a nice relaxing hotel and beach holiday with the family.

Holidays without a car in Ibiza

Map of City Boat routes in Eivissa
Eivissa City Boat routes

If you are not renting a car in Ibiza and still want to do a lot of exploring with the public transportation or organised excursions, then Eivissa is an excellent place because this is the hub for the buses going all over the island and also the City Boats who can get you to many beaches along the coastline. For those days that you don’t want to explore, Eivissa itself has a lot of things to see, do and experience with nightclubs, bars, restaurants, the old town and lots of shopping opportunities.

If you are not renting a car and want to stay in one of the more complete holiday destinations in Ibiza, then both Playa d’en Bossa and San Antonio are great places to visit. While both are party and nightlife-focused, they also have lots of other things to see, do and experience in and near the resort.

Luxury holidays

Nobu Hotel Ibiza
Nobu Hotel Ibiza

If you want to stay in the most luxurious place on this island, Playa d’en Bossa, the Ibiza Hard Rock Hotel is excellent with its own and many other luxury beach clubs nearby. While this hotel is somewhat party-focused, if you want a more relaxed or family-focused holiday in this luxurious area of Ibiza, the nearby Gran Palladium Palace Ibiza is an even better choice.

OKU Ibiza is a great choice for those looking for a luxury holiday in a relaxed location. While this hotel is in a quiet area close to a cosy small beach, you still have San Antonio, with a lot of nightlife a 10-minute taxi ride away.

If you are looking for a luxury beach holiday right next to the sea and beach, the previously mentioned Ibiza Hard Rock Hotel could be a great choice, but if you want a more relaxed beach vibe, then Nobu Hotel Ibiza Bay is a better choice. It is located in Talamanca with many luxury restaurants, Ibiza Town and marina nearby.

ME Ibiza is also an excellent place for a luxury holiday. The only drawback here is that there is nothing else nearby except for Santa Eulalia, but the Nikki Beach Ibiza next door for many will make up for this.

All-inclusive holidays in Ibiza

If you want an all-inclusive family holiday and don’t care too much about the surroundings, there are 2 great hotels for this in Ibiza. Sirenis Tui Blue Aura is great for families looking for an all-inclusive holiday with a large water park in the hotel and a small beach nearby. This one is located just on the outskirts of Cala de Bou, so you can still take a quick drive or walk into town if you want to. Tui Magica Life Cala Pada is located a few kilometres from Santa Eulalia, but this one is great for beach lovers as the Cala Pada just in front also has an all-inclusive stand from the hotel.

For groups of friends, singles or couples who are exploring Ibiza and want an all-inclusive, more adults-oriented holiday in a great hotel but also enjoy lots of nightlife nearby The Ibiza Twiins in Playa d’en Bossa is a new, fresh and modern hotel in a great location. Also, the NYX Hotel Ibiza could be excellent for this type of holiday, with a unique touch in San Antonio.

Beach holidays

Cala San Vincente beach
Cala San Vincente

Ibiza has many holiday resorts that are great for a beach holiday. But all of them are very different. Here is a quick guide to the best beach holiday destinations in Ibiza in my opinion:

  • Playa d’en Bossa: The luxury beach clubs make this resort a great beach holiday destination for those who can afford it.
  • San Antonio: While San Antonio has some nice beaches, the main benefit of a beach holiday here is that easy taxi boats can take you to nearby beaches cheaply and quickly.
  • Cala Vadella: If you want a quiet, relaxing beach holiday with a somewhat authentic Spanish feel still.
  • Es Canar: For the most family-friendly beach holiday in Ibiza.
  • Cala San Vincente and Cala Nova: Away from all the noise and nightlife.

Invisa Hotel Club Cala Verde is great value for money and El Somni Ibiza Dream Hotel by Grupotel is ideal for a luxury beach holiday.

Adults-only and couples holiday

Sol Beach House Ibiza pool
Sol Beach House Ibiza

Palladium Hotel Palmyra in San Antonio is a good, centrally located hotel for those who want an adults-only holiday in San Antonio. Beaches, beach clubs, restaurants, activities and the San Antonio nightlife are all nearby.

THB Los Molinos in Figueretes is also an excellent place for an adults-only holiday in Ibiza. While Figueretes is mainly about the beach, promenade and restaurants,, you have a lot nearby to see, explore and experience in Eivissa and Playa d’en Bossa. From culture to bubbling nightlife. While many hotels in this area are small and compact, this hotel has a large garden and pool directly next to the sea and a small beach. Setting it apart from the many other hotels in this area.

For older couples who want a more relaxed setting with still a town nearby to explore, Sol Beach House Ibiza and Catalonia Royal Ses Etaques in Santa Eulalia are excellent options. This area has a more relaxed vibe than many other Ibiza holiday destinations, but still many restaurants, a lovely promenade, beach and laid-back nightlife.

If you want a luxury adults-only holiday in Ibiza entirely away from all the crowds and noise, then Siau Ibiza Hotel is a great option. This hotel is still pretty new and has this nice, unique Ibiza vibe.

Quiet “less touristy” holidays

Cala Llenya beach
Cala Llenya beach

If you want a quiet and less touristy holiday, Ibiza might not come to mind first. Yet there are a few places in Ibiza for this. Cala Llenya and Cala Nova are your best choices, but also the areas near Santa Eulalia but a bit outside the centre of town near Cala Pada and Cala Martina. Cala Vadella and Es Figueral are also good but already a bit more touristy. If you don’t need a beach nearby, then the inland of Ibiza has many places where you can rent villas set in nature.

Budget holidays

Ibiza is not the best place for a budget holiday, with sunbed rental on the beach in some areas reaching over 500 euros per day and a nightclub entry ticket quickly being over 100 euros for a popular party.

If you do want to stay in Ibiza and are travelling on a budget, Figueretes might be a good choice as there can be found quite a few local eateries that are more budget-friendly. Also, airport transfers here are cheap because it is not far from the airport, and this is also one of the places that is interesting to visit pretty much all year round. That means you can come here during cheaper months like May and October, while some other destinations in Ibiza might still feel somewhat empty.

There are many budget-friendly places to stay here, but a reasonable budget-friendly accommodation to start is Apartamentos May y Playa.

The smaller and lesser-known resorts in Ibiza, like Cala Llenya, Puerto de San Miguel, Cala Vadella and Es Figueral, also generally have great budget holiday deals, especially in May and October when Ibiza is not so busy.

All the resorts in Ibiza

Playa d’en Bossa – Iconic beach clubs and nightlife

Beach club in Playa d'en Bossa

Playa d’en Bossa is one of the most famous holiday destinations in Ibiza. It’s ideal for beach lovers, with the longest beach on the island. If you want to enjoy the beach in luxury, there are many upscale beach clubs to do so from. During the daytime, the resort offers many boat, pool and beach club parties and performances, and in the evening, it is all about vibrant nightlife and clubbing. Watersports enthusiasts will find plenty to do, from jet-skiing to paddleboarding. The resort’s proximity to Ibiza Town adds to its appeal, allowing visitors to explore even more of Ibiza’s fantastic nightlife.

Best places to stay in Playa d’en Bossa
Adults-only party hotel – Ushuaia
Party and entertainment hotel – Hard Rock Hotel Ibiza
Luxury all-inclusive holiday – Gran Palladium Palace Ibiza
Budget holiday – Vibra Bossa Flow
Value for money – The Ibiza Twiins

Best months to go: June till the end of September for the best nightlife
Airport transfer: From 1.65 €
Tip: Try the Hard Rock Hotel rooftop bar
Video: Playa d’en Bossa tour

San Antonio – For beaches, parties and nightlife

Nightlife at Mambo Cafe in Ibiza

San Antonio is one of Ibiza’s most iconic resorts, known for its stunning sunsets and lively nightlife. Unlike Playa d’en Bossa, it is a bit more budget-friendly and overall more approachable. The West End is great for those who love a more small-scale clubbing and bars scene, but there are also some huge clubs in this area and many more nearby. The Sunset Strip, with venues like Café Mambo and Café del Mar, offers impressive views of the sun setting over the Mediterranean while listing to the best DJ’s.

By day, the resort is a haven for beachgoers, with various beaches that can easily all be reached by taxi-boat or local ferries. Watersports, boat trips, and a few clubs next to the beach entertain visitors of all ages.

Best places to stay in San Antonio
Party holiday – Ibiza Rocks Hotel
Budget-friendly – Hotel Gran Sol
Luxury in San Antonio Town – Hotel Blau Parc
All-inclusive – NYX Hotel Ibiza
Adults-only with great location – Palladium Hotel Palmyra

Best months to go: Last weeks of May till end of September for the nightlife
Airport transfer: From 4.00 €
Tip: Visit the nearby beaches by taxi boat
Video: San Antonio nightlife tour

Figueretas – Beach holiday with lots of things to see and do nearby

Figueretas beach

Figueretas is a beach located close to Ibiza Town. Some will also say it is part of Ibiza Town, but since the area is quite a bit away from what most people know as the typical Eivissa (Ibiza Town), I discuss it separately. Yet, one of the benefits of this destination is that it is within walking distance of Ibiza Town, allowing visitors to explore its historic sites and vibrant nightlife. Figueretas is in a pretty busy area, but the beach and promenade offer a relaxed escape from the city.

The beach is a mix of sand and pebbles, lined with a promenade featuring restaurants and shops. Accommodations in Figueretas range from apartments to hotels, providing options for different budgets. The resort is also great for foodies, with one of the largest selections of restaurants on the islands, from local eateries with more budget friendly prices and more traditional foods to international cuisine.

Best places to stay in Figueretas
Luxury next to the beach – One Ibiza Suites
Budget-friendly – Apartamentos Mar y Playa
Adults-only holiday – THB Los Molinos

Best months to go: May till the end of October. But can be visited all year round, just not for a beach holiday
Airport transfer: From 3.50 €
Tip: Visit nearby Eivissa Town
Video: Figueretas tour

Eivissa – The bustling capital of Ibiza

Eivissa bars and clubs

Eivissa, also known as Ibiza Town, is the capital of Ibiza and a blend of historic charm and lively nightlife. While Eivissa is not the best place for a beach holiday, it offers a lot of other benefits. The old town, Dalt Vila, is a UNESCO World Heritage site. The town is also a hub for shopping, dining, and nightlife, with renowned clubs like Pacha. The marina area attracts luxury yachts and offers upscale dining and luxury brand shopping experiences.

If you want to spend some time on the beach, the beaches of Talamanca and Figueretes are located very close and can easily be reached by City Boat or taxi. Many more can also be reached with many of the tourist boats leaving from here. With excellent bus connections and its centralised location on the island, Eivissa is a great starting point for exploring Ibiza.

Best places to stay in Eivissa
Pool, beach and marina – Ibiza Corso Hotel
Weekend of clubbing with free Pacha entrance – El Hotel Pacha
Budget-friendly for Eivissa – El Puerto Ibiza
Adults-only – The Standard Ibiza
Luxury boutique hotel – R&C Hotel Mirador de Dalt Vila

Best months to go: June till the end of September for the best nightlife. All year round for relaxing and culture.
Airport transfer: From 3.60 €
Tip: Make sure your accommodation is on the South side of the harbour to have everything nearby
Video: Eivissa tour

Talamanca – Beach holiday near Eivissa

Talamanca beach

Talamanca is a serene beach known for its sandy beach and calm water, close to Ibiza Town. It’s a favourite for those seeking a relaxed ambience. The beach has a few restaurants and bars, ranging from budget local cuisine to luxurious fine dining. Except for a few water sports like kayaking and snorkelling, in Talamanca itself, there is nothing much to do than relax and dine. Still, with Eivissa nearby, it offers many options to go clubbing or experience the vibrant nightlife.

Best places to stay in Talamanca
Extreme luxury – Nobu Hotel Ibiza Bay
Pacha party vibes with free Pacha club entrance – Destino Pacha Ibiza
Budget-friendly – Hotel Simbad Ibiza

Best months to go: Last weeks of May till the end of September for the best beach weather.
Airport transfer: From 5.35 €
Tip: Visit nearby Eivissa and Pacha’s
Video: Talamanca tour

Santa Eulalia – Beach and city trip couples holiday

Santa Eulalia beach

Santa Eulalia is a great place for those looking for a relaxed atmosphere with an authentic Spanish feel away from the typical Ibiza party resorts. The town has a beautiful promenade next to the beach, a large marina, and an extensive range of restaurants and cafes. While this isn’t your typical touristy holiday destination, it still has a long beach with many facilities right next to it, making it a good place for a beach holiday. The nightlife is pretty relaxed, mostly focused on dining, having a few casual drinks on the terraces and a few live performances.

Best places to stay in Santa Eulalia
Luxury – W Ibiza
Adults-only hotel – Sol Beach House Ibiza & Catalonia Royal Ses Etaques
Luxury next to the beach – Hotel Riomar
Budget-friendly – Apartamentos Ros

Best months to go: May till end of October for beach holidays, but can be visited all year round
Airport transfer: From 4.00 €
Tip: Check your hotel location on the map before booking, as the term Santa Eulalia is sometimes used to cover hotels located up to 10 km away from the city of Santa Eulalia by some websites.
Video: Santa Eulalia tour

Cala de Bou – Relaxed daytime with San Antonio nightlife nearby

Cala de Bou bar with tourists

Cala de Bou is part of the famous San Antonio bay, but it is located on the other side of the bay of the more well-known San Antonio town. Some will also refer to Cala de Bou as San Antonio, but that is not correct. However, by taxi-boat, you can quickly visit San Antonio as well.

Cala de Bou is very different from San Antonio, with a more relaxed nightlife and more family-friendly focus. This also counts for most of the beaches and activities in the area. If you are a young family with small children, and want many restaurants, beaches and activities nearby, this might be one of the best places on the island for you.

Best places to stay in Cala de Bou
Beach holiday – Els Pins Resort & Innside by Melia Ibiza
Unique adults-only hotel – Paradiso Ibiza Art Hotel
Family holiday – Marvell Club
Luxury beach holiday – Amare Beach Hotel Ibiza

Best months to go: Last weeks of May till half of October
Airport transfer: From 4.00 €
Tip: Explore nearby beaches with the local taxi boats
Video: Cala de Bou nightlife tour

Portinatx – Couples beach holidays

Portinatx beach

Portinatx is an excellent place in Ibiza for people who enjoy nature and don’t need any clubbing or nightlife nearby. This area is mostly about relaxing on the beaches. There are 3 different ones and some rocky cliffs to sunbathe and go swimming from. It’s also an excellent place for snorkelling, horseback riding, hiking and many other activities. One thing to know is that there are limited dining options here as the area is pretty small, and finding dining options for picky eaters might be challenging. While this area is good for families and couples, I think it is more appealing to couples then famillies with small children.

Best places to stay in Portinatx
Adults-only close to beach – Grupotel Ibiza Beach Resort
Adults-only in a quiet location – Barcelo Portinatx
Budget-friendly – Apartamentos Portinatx Sea View

Best months to go: Last weeks of May till half of October
Airport transfer: From 6.65 €
Tip: Horse riding in nature
Video: Portinatx tour

Cala Vadella – Beach with authentic Spanish vibes

Cala Vadella beach bar

Cala Vadella is all about the beach and sea. There is also not much else in this area. But the beach experience is pretty unique. As there are very few hotels in this area, the beach retained its authentic Spanish vibe with many tapas restaurants right next to the beach, and some set even directly with chairs and tables on the beach.

Since it is located in a tranquil bay,, it also means the water is mostly shallow and calm, making it great for families with little ones. But also for watersport enthusiasts this is great. You can kayak to many nearby beaches from here, go snorkelling in the bay or paddleboard out to sea the sunset.

There are few places to stay in Cala Vadella, with very few hotels and apartment complexes. But there are many holiday rentals here. One thing to keep in mind is is that this area is pretty hard to navigate and hilly,, so make sure that your accommodation is close to the beach for the best beach holiday experience.

Don’t expect too much nightlife, as this area is pretty relaxed in the evening, with mostly cocktails, drinks and dining.

Best place to stay in Cala Vadella
Beach holiday – Aparthotel Puerto Cala Vadella

Best months to go: Last weeks of May till half of October
Airport transfer: From 4.70 €
Tip: If your accommodation has a parking spot, rent a car if you want to explore more of the island
Video: Cala Vadella tour

Cala Tarida – Beach holiday with a touch of luxury

Cala Tarida beach

Cala Tarida is an excellent destination in Ibiza for a beach holiday. You can also do plenty of watersports here, like kayaking, jet skiing, paddle boarding, or just renting a relaxing pedal boat. And plenty of tourist boats can take you to nearby beaches. The beach here has many excellent dining options with fantastic sea views, including upscale ones like the Cotton Beach Club.

Nightlife in Cala Tarida is limited. It is mostly about dining and having a few drinks, with most places closing before midnight. Some have occasional relaxing performances.

Best place to stay in Cala Tarida
Family holiday – Insotel Club Tarida Playa

Best months to go: Last months of May till Half of Ocober
Airport transfer: From 6.60 €
Tip: Kayak to nearby coves and beaches
Video: Cala Tarida tour

Es Canar – One of the most family-friendly holiday destinations in Ibiza

Tourists at the funfair

Es Canar is one of the most family-friendly holiday destinations in Ibiza. Not only is there a great beach with shallow waters and few waves, but there are also many other ones you can easily reach by tourist boat, taxi or even walking.

Regarding activities and entertainment there is plenty to do for all ages. The funfair in the centre of town is particularly popular in the evening, the beach offers pretty much all watersports you can imagine and in the evening there are lots of family-friendly places that offer shows or karaoke.

Best places to stay in Es Canar
Adults or family holiday – Hotel Anfora Ibiza
Family holiday next to the beach – Leonardo Royal Hotel Santa Eulalia

Best months to go: Last weeks of May till half of October
Airport transfer: From 4.00 €
Tip: The tourist boats to nearby beaches are a fun day out for families
Video: Es Canar tour

Cala Llonga – Beach holiday near Ibiza Golf course

Cala Llonga sea and beach

Cala Llonga’s is excellent for beach lovers. This beach is located in a tranquil bay where, most of the time, the waves are shallow—making it also very safe for families with small children. There is also a playground right on the beach’s edge for the small ones in the shade. If you don’t like beaches but love the sea, then this is also great as rocky platforms are on both sides that give you direct access to the sea without all the sand. If you want a change of scenery, there are plenty of nearby beaches you can visit by tourist boat.

This area has quite a nice, yet small, selection of restaurants, but the nightlife is primarily relaxed and laid back. Don’t expect any clubbing. However, Eivissa and many of Ibiza’s clubs are not to far away for those who want an occasional night out.

Best places to stay in Cala Llonga
Budget-friendly – Hotel El Pinar
Modern and budget-friendly – Typic Oasis Sa Tanca
Adults-only with seaside sun terrace – Palladium Hotel Cala Llonga

Best months to go: Last weeks of May till half of October
Airport transfer: From 6.60 €
Tip: Watch a seaside nighttime movie at Amante outside
Video: Cala Llonga tour

Cala Llenya – Budget beach holiday in a natural setting

Cala Llenya sea and beach

Calal Llenya is a destination in Ibiza with little tourism. There are only a few hotels here, but mostly holiday rentals. None of this is next to the beach, giving the beach a pretty natural feel. Except for a beach bar, a restaurant and a small supermarket, there is not much else here. The resort is located above the beach, and you need to take quiet a few stairs to reach the beach. This is not ideal for some people and situations, like families with small children or people with limited mobility.

Best place to stay in Cala Llenya
Cala Llenya Resort Ibiza

Best months to go: June till the end of September
Airport transfer: From 5.65 €
Tip: You can walk to many nearby beaches. Some are an adventure; some are easy to reach.
Video: Cala Llenya tour

Puerto de San Miguel – Beach holiday in a small resort

Puerto de San Miguel sea and beach

This small beach resort is excellent for those looking for a quiet beach holiday, especially those with small children, as the water is shallow and the waves are usually small because of the protective bay. Because the resort is small, there are only about 5 restaurants, but if you would like more variety, you can always take a taxi to San Miguel town nearby. Nightlife is minimal, but a few places stay open till after midnight during high season.

Best places to stay in Puerto de San Miguel
Family holiday – Balansat Resort
Luxury adults-only holiday – Siau Ibiza Hotel

Best months to go: June till the end of September
Airport transfer: From 6.50 €
Tip: Horse riding in nature
Video: Puerto de San Miguel tour

Cala San Vincente – Beach holiday escape from busy Ibiza

Cala San Vincente sunbeds on the beach

Cala San Vincente is a small holiday destination with just approximately 5 hotels, bars and restaurants in a very natural environment. This place might be a great choice for those looking for a beach holiday away from nightlife and mass tourism. Since it is surrounded by nature, it is also great for horse riding, hiking and water sports. Do know, however that this is one of the destinations furthest away from the Ibiza Airport and hardest to reach.

Best places to stay in Cala San Vincente
New luxury option – El Somni Ibiza Dream Hotel by Grupotel
More budget friendly-option – Grupotel Imperio Playa

Best months to go: June till the end of September
Airport transfer: From 7.50 €
Tip: Aguas Blandestinationssit
Video: Cala de San Vincente tour

Es Figueral – Secluded beach or all-inclusive hotel holidays

Es Figueral beach with tourists and lifeguards

One of the smaller and lesser-known holiday destinations in Ibiza, Es Figueral has little to offer except a large and pretty stunning beach. Most of this area exist out of the two very large hotels in this area.

Best place to stay in Es Figueral
Invisa Hotel Club Cala Verde

Best months to go: June till the end of September
Airport transfer: From 7.50 €
Tip: Best booked with all-inclusive or full-board package as there are very few places to eat or drink.

Cala Nova – Secluded beach holiday with busy Es Canar nearby

Cala Nova beach

Cala Nova is another of these smaller holiday destinations. There is only one hotel, a few beach bars and the beach here. This is a great place for a beach holiday.

Best place to stay in Cala Nova
Bless Hotel Ibiza

Best months to go: June till end of September
Airport transfer: From 4.00 €
Tip: Es Canar is just a short walk away and is much more touristy for more restaurants and entertainment
Video: Cala Nova tour

Cala Gracio – Relaxing days with option of San Antonio nightlife nearby

Cala Gracio sea and beach

Cala Gracio is located just outside of San Antonio. It is a small place with 2 nice beaches and a few big hotels. There are very few restaurants or nightlife here. It is mostly about sun, beach, nature and relaxation. However, for those who want a change of scenery, or want to go clubbing in the nighttime, San Antonio is just a short taxi ride away.

Best place to stay in Cala Gracio
OKU Ibiza

Best months to go: June till end of September
Airport transfer: From 4.00 €
Tip: The ferry and taxi-boats can take you all across San Antonio bay to the different beaches, beach clubs and San Antonio Town