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25 Ibiza holiday tips: Things to do, see & AVOID!

After exploring Ibiza for several weeks, I’ve made this list of must-do activities, sights, and experiences on the island. I’ve also added a few things you might want to steer clear of to make sure you have an unforgettable holiday in Ibiza.


Cala d'Hort beach from above
Cala d’Hort

Ibiza has a lot of different and unique beaches. It is because of this that it is hard to advise specific beaches. As a general guide, the more developed and family-friendly beaches are in the South and West of the island. The more natural and less touristy beaches are in the North and East.

Here are the best beaches by category:

  • Party: Playa d’en Bossa, San Antonio and Cala Jondal.
  • Relaxation and nature: Cala Salada and Cala Saladeta
  • Sunsets: Cala Conta, Cala d’ Hort and Benirras (especially on Sundays)
  • Naturist: Es Cavallet and Aguas Blancas
  • Most popular and busy: Las Salinas
  • Luxury: Cala Jondal, Cala Bassa and Playa d’en Bossa

The best way to visit most beaches, especially in high season, is by tourist boat or taxi, as it is not advisable by car. Most beaches have bad and narrow roads going to them and limited, paid or chaotic parking. If you are visiting by rental car, ensure you have fully comprehensive insurance, as there is a chance your car will get scratched, damaged or stuck near the beaches. I have seen this happen several times during my visit to Ibiza.

Use the tourist boats

From almost every holiday destination in Ibiza, you can take some kind of boat trip:

  • Taxi and City Boats: These can be found in Eivissa and San Antonio and will take you across the sea or bay to nearby destinations like other beaches. They are generally cheaper than taking a taxi, especially when only travelling as a couple or with a few people.
  • Beach boats: These go along the coast and connect all the major and beautiful beaches and towns. Many of them offer underwater views.
  • Island trips: These will take you to the neighboring islands of Formentera or Es Vedra.

Ibiza town & Dalt Vila

Ibiza town is an authentic experience that offers many different things to explore. The walls alone are among the most impressive I have seen on any of the Spanish Islands. Even if you are not a history buff, it is nice to explore the old town just for the giant scale and fantastic views over the sea. But also for foodies, there are many restaurants, tapa bars and snack places to try out. There are many small local boutiques, market stands and luxury brands for those who like to shop. The town comes alive in the evening with bubbling nightlife, music and lovely lit-up buildings.

If there is one thing you should do during your holiday in Ibiza, it is to explore this town. It simply has something for everyone.

Beach clubs

After visiting most of the Spanish Islands, I can honestly say none do beach clubs like Ibiza. Not only quantity but also quality. There are so many. They can also be found all over the islands, but most are in Playa d’en Bossa. Here is a quick guide and summary of the best ones by category and location:

  • Party and daytime happenings: Ushuaia Beach Club in Playa d’en Bossa, O Beach Ibiza in San Antonio and Blue Marlin in Cala Jondal.
  • Luxurious and upscale: Nikki Beach just outside Santa Eulalia town and Cotton Beach Club with stunning views of Cala Tarida beach.
  • Relaxed and laid-back: El Chiringuito Ibiza on Es Cavalier beach, Cala Bassa Beach Club near San Antonio and Amante Beach Club near Cala Llonga

Movie at Amante

In the Amante beach club, you can have a unique summer experience. It is an outside movie in a comfortable bean bag. It is not cheap, however, costing around 50 to 60 euros per person. But it comes with some cava and unlimited popcorn. Book a ticket well in advance as they sell out quickly as there is limited space in this outdoor cinema.

Cova de Can Marca

There are multiple caves in Ibiza, but the one visited by most tourists is the Cova de Can Marca. This cave is nice to visit to see some beautiful and interesting things. Yet, the whole story around it with smugglers blends myth and reality. It is mainly to make it more interesting for the children. If you are going here from the other side of the islands, combining it with a visit to nearby Puerto de San Miguel is a good idea.

Choose the right place for nightlife

Many people think Ibiza is all about clubbing and nightlife, which is untrue. So don’t make the mistake of randomly booking a hotel and thinking you will have parties and nightlife nearby. If you are looking for a clubbing and party holiday in Ibiza, there are only 3 good places on the island.

  • Playa d’en Bossa: The most luxurious and biggest nightlife with vast and famous venues like Ushuaia Ibiza and Hi Ibiza.
  • San Antonio: A more authentic and smaller-scale party destination that is more about different party areas like the Sunset Strip and the West End, it also has a few massive clubs.
  • Eivissa: Mostly lounge and chill-out bars with DJs playing music, but there are also 2 big clubs like Lio’s and Pacha’s and many more just outside of town.

Try the Ibizan Cuisine

Of course, you have to try authentic, fresh, homemade paella when visiting Spain. But just a quick word of warning about that. The dish is typically promoted for 2 or 4 people but is billed per person. This means the price you see next to the paella is not the price you end up paying, but that is the price times 2 or more. While I found this to be mentioned quite clearly in most places, others made it quite unclear.

For true foodies and those who are not afraid to try something new, Ibiza has some other things you have to try:

  • Bullit de Peix: A type of fish stew
  • Ensaimadas: This can also be found on other Spanish islands but is a sweet pastry
  • Flao: A kind of cheesecake with a mint flavour
  • Hierbas Ibicencas: A traditional Ibizan liqueur made with local herbs

Enjoy the sunsets

Ibiza is known for its sunsets. So where is it best to enjoy them? Here are the five best places:

  • The Sunset Strip in San Antonio: This place is home to famous venues like Cafe Del Mar and Cafe Mambo. Many people also sit in front of these on the rocks to enjoy the sunsets and the music. An option that is far more budget-friendly.
  • Kumharas: On the other side of the bay of the Sunset Strip, this offers a more relaxed setting to enjoy the sunset.
  • Benirras beach: While this is an excellent place to watch the sunset, the main attraction here is the drumming sessions on Sunday, where dozens to hundreds of drummers get together.
  • Cala Conta: This beach offers fantastic views of the sun setting over the sea, and there are several beach bars where you can enjoy drinks and food. Bring a jacket if you are here in the early or late season, as it can get windy and chilly.
  • Everything on the West coast: This includes resorts like Cala Tarida and Cala Vadella and the many beach clubs along the coastline.

Visit a hippy market

Ibiza is well known for its hippy markets. While they have changed a lot over the years and have become, in many cases, more commercialised, there are still some good ones. Here is a selection of the best markets in Ibiza to visit as a tourist:

  • Las Dalias hippy market: In Sant Carles de Peralta on Saturdays all year round with additional days during summer. The first official Hippy Market on the islands since 1950 and also the largest.
  • Punta Arabi hippy market: In Es Canar on Wednesday from April till October. Since 1970, it has grown every year since then.
  • San Juan market: In San Joan de Labritja on Sundays all year round.

Water sports

Every holiday destination in Ibiza offers at least a few types of watersports. The smaller resort only offers water sports like pedal boats, kayaking and paddle boards. The larger ones, like Es Canar, Playa d’en Bossa, Santa Eulalia and San Antonio, also have motorised sports like paragliding, jet skis, banana boats and many more.


Ibiza has some pretty unique wines because of the grapes used and the climate, so if you are a wine lover, visit a winery or go on one of the wine-tasting tours. Bodega Can Maymó is an excellent winery to visit with a few tasters, and you can also buy and try other typical Ibizan products here. For kids, there is also a small farm animal area. If you want to try a larger variety of wines, then Ibizkus Wines is an excellent place to visit.

Aquarium Cap Blanc

The Aquarium Cap Blanc is a small aquarium that is interesting to visit with small children located in a little coastal bar. While you definitely should not expect too much of the size of the actual aquariums, it is great fun for families with smaller children. Since the price is not very high, it can also be interesting for adults if you like this kind of stuff. Visiting this place makes for a lovely day out, especially if you combine it with a visit to nearby Cala Gracio or Cala Gracionetta.

Formentera boat trip

Ibiza has a lot to offer, but there is also another island nearby that is worth visiting… Formentera. If you are staying in Ibiza for just a week or less, it may not be worth doing as Ibiza has a lot to offer. If you are staying in Ibiza for longer than a week, you might want to consider it for a change of scenery. There are a lot of different ways to visit Formentera. Take the ferry there and explore the island by scooter, or take a full-day cruise around the island with swimming, snorkelling, and many more activities.

Exploring the coastline

Sign with boat rental prices

If you like to explore a bit further than just the beach, Ibiza is pretty interesting. Many exclusive areas, like coves and beaches, can only be reached comfortably by boat or kayak. Especially staying in Cala Tarida, Cala San Vincente, Cala Vadella, Portinatx and Puerto de San Miguel is ideal where you can rent a boat for a day or a kayak. Other places on the island also have this, but the places you can visit nearby are often much more touristy and not as interesting.

Horse riding

There are a few places on the islands where you can go horse riding. Most of these are inland and not in the beach resorts like other Spanish Islands. The best horse riding is in the North of the island, close to Port de San Miguel, Portinatx and Cala San Vincente, as the terrain here is more beautiful, hilly and more enjoyable to explore.

Fish Shack

One of the most unique and traditional places to have a great lunch or dinner on the rocks overlooking the sea is the Fish Shack. Logically, the main focus here is fresh fish and seafood. Since this place has been around for many years and is very popular with those who know about it, you must reserve well in advance to get a spot.


Pretty much every holiday destination in Ibiza has a diving school or club. If they don’t, at least they work with one of them and organise local pick-ups to go diving. The five most unique and popular spots on the island are:

  • Dado Pequeño: Due to its clear waters and abundant marine life, including barracudas, groupers, and moray eels.
  • The Cave of Light: This cave dive is famous for the blue effect created by sunlight filtering into the cave.
  • Don Pedro Wreck: The largest shipwreck in the Mediterranean available for divers to explore. It sank in 2007.
  • Es Vedrà: This iconic rocky island is a top diving destination known for its rich marine life and underwater landscapes.
  • Tagomago island: It provides a diverse underwater environment, from walls and caves to sandy bottoms.


There are 2 go-karting tracks in Ibiza. While they are similar in size and not some of the bigger ones, they can make for a fun time. Ibiza Karting near San Antonio is the one that is most often visited by tourists, especially groups of friends staying in San Antonio. Go Karts Santa Eulalia is a bit bigger on the other side of the island. Both offer similar options, go-karts and prices, but in my personal opinion, Ibiza Karting is better.

Don’t pick the wrong time to go

Ibiza is a great island to have a holiday, but what there is to do, see and experience changes a lot throughout the year. To ensure you have an excellent holiday, however, you must pick the right time to visit for your specific needs and preferences. You will find a complete overview of when to visit Ibiza here.

Sunset drummers at Benirras beach

While this has also been somewhat commercialised, it is still a unique experience. Having visited all the major Spanish Islands, I know of no experience similar to this somewhere else. Every Sunday during the summer, the Benirras beach at sunset becomes a hotspot for “hippy” drummers, playing their drums while the sun sets and spreading love and joy.


For those who like to play golf, there is only one destination in Ibiza… Golf Ibiza. This golf course is located between Cala Llonga and Eivissa. You can choose between 18 or 9 holes of golf.

Hire a car

If you are staying in a holiday destination that is not Playa d’en Bossa, Sant Antonio, Santa Eulalia or Eivissia, I would advise you to rent a car if you want to explore the island. For Cala Vadella, check first if you have parking in your accommodation as there is limited parking, and if you don’t have your own parking, you might have to pay for parking. In other holiday resorts in Ibiza, this is not a problem.

There are some essential things to know when hiring a car in Ibiza, so check my Ibiza hire car guide here.

A hidden and secret waterpark

The waterpark in Playa d’en Bossa has closed down. But many people don’t know that there is another water park option. Sirenis Aquagames is located in a hotel in Cala de Bou, so it is not your typical water park. But you can enjoy the slides and installations here when you buy entrance tickets. There are also options to include food and drinks with your tickets. While this water park does not have much to offer teenagers or adults, it is great fun and offers plenty of fun for the little ones.

The biggest happenings, festivals and events by month

The most important and interesting events each month in Ibiza you should experience if you are in Ibiza at that time:

  • January: Three Kings Day, celebrated on the 6th of January with parades. Great for children, as the Three Kings are generous with sharing candy and sweets. This one is celebrated in several places on the island, but the biggest one is Eivissa (Ibiza town). Also during this month is San Antoni, a unique experience for adults, but this one can be a bit scary for children with a lot of noise and fireworks,
  • February: Carnival is celebrated this month with floats, lots of colourful costumes, dancers and musicians. The biggest one is in Ibiza town, but San Antonio and Santa Eulalia also have celebrations.
  • March: If Easter falls in this month, it is celebrated with many processions. The biggest ones are in Dalt Vila (Ibiza’s old town). Also, since the weather improves, the first beach clubs and venues around the island might have opening parties at the end of the month.
  • April: Opening parties across the island will continue. If Easter falls in this month, there are processions, and many people will flock to the island for the half-marathon.
  • May: Pacha, Ushuaia and Amnesia have their opening parties usually in this month. In Santa Eulalia, a major flower festival takes place with dances, music and flowers. The Medieval Festival takes place in Eivissa and is great for the entire family, with lots of things to see and do.
  • June: San Joan is a major celebration this month, celebrated at the end of the month, with many bonfires and beach parties and the Ibiza Gay Pride parade takes place this month.
  • July: Ibiza123, in San Antonio, is one of the biggest rock festivals on the island with famous artists from around the world, taking place at the start of the month.
  • August: Feast of Sant Circa, a major local celebration in Ibiza Town, commemorating when the Catalans captured the island from the Moors, with a re-enactment of the conquest and fireworks.
  • September: The famous Ibiza Jazz Festival takes place in the old town of Ibiza, and also the first closing parties happen towards the end of the month.
  • October: There are many more closing parties during this month and Halloween parties in many venues. Also, in Dalt Villa, the Ibiza Light Festival takes place near the end of the month.
  • November: This is one of the quietest months in Ibiza, with few events and happenings.
  • December: There are many Christmas concerts and markets on the islands in this month, but of course, New Year’s eve is also great with some clubs re-opening, especially for this night.