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Where to stay in Fuerteventura (and where NOT!)

Finding the right place for your holiday in Fuerteventura can be challenging, especially if you have never been there. With more than 15 different and unique holiday destinations to choose from, it isn’t easy. Luckily I have been to all holiday destinations and many of the best-reviewed hotels on the island. So here is my summary and a quick guide to where best to stay in Fuerteventura.

Best hotel & destination for your holiday in Fuerteventura

Below I have selected the best hotels in the ideal holiday destination for your specific situation after visiting over 50 hotels in Fuerteventura during my stay on the island. For the mentioned hotels below I provide affiliate links to Booking.com for more pictures and pricing.

Family holidays

H10 Tindaya in Costa Calma is one of the hotels where I stayed a large part of my time during my trip around Fuerteventura. This hotel is excellent for families and offers everything you could want on a family holiday. This includes a playground, kids pool and children’s clubs. But also for the parents, this hotel offers a lot, like a coffee bar, Balinese relaxing beds and excellent quality food. The superb quality, variety and presentation of this hotel’s food surprised me most. For what I paid, I did not expect this. But there is also plenty of french fries, ice cream and dessert for the kids.

Barcelo Corralejo Sands in Corralejo is an ideal place to stay for those who want a family-friendly hotel but also like to explore a bit around the hotel and go on excursions outside of the hotel. Fuerteventura Princess is best for those who like a family-friendly holiday and like to spend most of their time in their hotel. Barcelo Fuerteventura Castillo in Caleta de Fuste has, in 2022, gotten a complete makeover to become an even better and more family-friendly hotel. The little bungalow houses here make it feel compact and personal.

Beach holidays in Fuerteventura

If you want to stay in a hotel next to a fantastic beach, then XQ El Palacete is a cosy, small, immaculate, and lovely hotel next to the Playa de Matorral in Morro Jable. Iberostar Playa Gaviotas is much bigger and all-inclusive right next to the Playa de Gaviotas in Jandia. SBH Costa Calma Palace is also a great option and a massive hotel located right next to the Costa Calma beach.

Holidays without a car

If you are not renting a car in Fuerteventura but still want to explore a lot of the island with public transportation, then Puerto del Rosario is the best place to stay, as this has more routes and buses leaving from here.

If you are not renting a car in Fuerteventura and want to stay in one of the more complete resorts with lots of things to see and do so you don’t feel the need to explore more of Fuerteventura, then Corralejo and Morro Jable are best. Caleta de Fuste is also a good option if you want to be close to the airport.

Luxury holidays

If you are looking for a high-quality luxury holiday, the first great hotel I visited has to be the Iberostar Selection Fuerteventura Palace, set overlooking a great beach. Riu Palace Jandia is also a good choice for a modern luxury holiday close to the beach and with an extensive selection of restaurants and shops nearby.

The Sheraton Fuerteventura Golf & Spa Resort is not only a beautiful and majestic hotel but also set next to a great beach. The Secrets Bahia Real Resort & Spa is an excellent choice for a luxury holiday if you want to be in Corralejo, one of the most popular places on the islands with lots of things to see and do but also a great nightlife.

Nightlife and party holidays

Corralejo has the best and most active nightlife on the island. There are great beach bars, pubs and restaurants open till late. Many of these have live performances, entertainment and shows. In and around the Atlantic Sol shopping centre, many bars and clubs are open till the early hours.

Caleta de Fuste gets second place for nightlife. The nightlife here is also much more family-oriented.

Morro Jable has some nightlife but no real clubs. It is also primarily family-friendly pubs, bars and entertainment here.

Adults only and couples holidays

H10 Ocean Dreams in Corralejo is another hotel I stayed in for 4 days during my trip around Fuerteventura. This hotel is an excellent place for an adult-only holiday with a relaxed and peaceful vibe. The rooms, as well as the rest of the hotel, were immaculate but what was most surprising was the excellent quality of the al la carte breakfast and dinner. I do want to point out that this is great for a maximum of a week; after that, choice can become a bit limited and repetitive. Yet this hotel offers one of the best a l carte dining experiences I have experienced in Fuerteventura. Not only because of the beautifully presented dishes but also the friendly and speedy service.

Avanti Lifestyle Hotel is a fantastic choice if you want an original boutique-style hotel next to the beach. However, keep in mind that there is no pool here except a smallish one on the roof.

Coral Cotillo Beach makes for a great budget adults-only holiday in El Cotillo.


Surfing is one of the reasons people visit Fuerteventura. No other island in the Canary Islands has this many great surfing spots or surfers. While you can do this in many different places on the island, the 3 main ones are El Cotillo, Corralejo and La Pared.

El Cotillo has a large surfing community, many shops, and budget accommodation. Corralejo is next to the famous Flag Beach, and for the best surfing spots, you want to stay close to the Corralejo dunes and away from the harbour area. La Pared also has a sizeable local surfing community and a high-quality surfing hotel, the La Pared powered by Playitas. This hotel is the only one here but offers high-quality budget holidays in a peaceful setting. The many surfing schools and shops nearby and in the hotel make it an ideal place to stay for both beginners and expert surfers.


The best place for an active and sporty holiday is La Playitas. The Playitas Hotel and Sports Resort here have everything you could want. From large Olympic pools to tennis fields, golf, volleyball, surf, sailing and many more activities. Also, the food here has been specially adapted for those training. This hotel and resort are both popular with professionals and amateurs.

Quiet “less touristy” holidays

If you want a quiet and less touristy holiday away from the mass tourism in Fuerteventura, then La Pared, La Lajita and Tarajalejo are your best options. On the other hand, if you want to stay inland away from the coast, then Betancuria is also a great option.

No hotels are available in most of these locations, so holiday rentals are your only option, but they can be found at great prices. In Tarajalejo however, the R2 Bahia Playa is an excellent option for an adults-only holiday in a peaceful and quiet location.

Budget holidays

The Hotel Ereza Mar in Caleta de Fuste is a great place to look for a budget adults-only holiday. While prices, of course, vary throughout the year, you can find great deals here. I also stayed here for several days. The best thing here is the different pools. With a fabulous infinity pool in the front, a compact pool inside the complex and jacuzzis on the roof, you can always find a great place to get in or out of the sun. What I did not appreciate so much was the food in the buffet. Both breakfast and dinner were quite repetitive and showed little care or inspiration. I would advise booking this hotel without dinner or breakfast and maybe upgrading for 1 day in the hotel to see if you like it or not. That unlimited drinks are included during dinner is a nice bonus for a budget holiday.

Also, the Broncemar Beach Suites in Caleta de Fuste can be great for a budget holiday with the family.

If you want an all-inclusive budget beach holiday, then also the Riu Oliva Beach Resort in the dunes of Corralejo can be worth having a look at surrounded by one of the best beaches on the island.


H10 Playa Esmeralda is a great hotel to stay in for an adults-only all-inclusive holiday. You have great food and drinks in the hotel and a great beach just in front of the hotel. Since this hotel is located a bit on the edge of Costa Calma, the beach here never gets too busy.

Iberostar Playa Gaviotas Park is a fully all-inclusive hotel, ideal for families with great entertainment in Jandia, not far from Morro Jable.

All the resorts in Fuerteventura

Morro Jable

Morro Jable is located entirely in the South of the island. This is however not close to the airport and a minimum 1-hour drive away by taxi and almost 1 and half hour by bus. So it is good to be aware of this if you are travelling with small children and already have had a long flight. However, Morro Jable has much to offer with beautiful white sandy beaches and many shops, restaurants and bars.

This area offers the authentic Morro Jable village mixed in with modern hotels. You can do lots of water sports and boat trips from the harbour or visit the neighbouring islands. Located in the South of Fuerteventura and sheltered behind a mountain, this area has clearer skies than other locations on the island. So if you are looking for the best and sunniest weather, most of the time you can find it here.

Best places to stay in Morro Jable
Beach and quiet – XQ El Palacete
5-star luxury – Riu Palace Jandia

Summary: Holiday destination with white sandy beaches mostly popular with German-speaking tourists
Nightlife: One of the bigger selections of bars, pubs, cocktail bars and restaurants but no clubbing
Best months to go: All year, December has a bit of rain
Airport transfer: From 9.30 euros
Tip: Jeep trip to Cofete beach
Video: Morro Jable tour


Jandia is a bit confusing as the name is used differently by locals and tourists. But generally, this refers to the place right next to Morro Jable, with the beach dunes in front of it and the golf course in the back. However, when booking a hotel in Jandia, it is worth having a look at where it is located as this Jandia is used somewhat randomly by hotels.

This area has the same benefits as Morro Jable regarding weather, generally having clearer skies than other places on the island. In front of the resort, you find massive beach dunes and a vast white sandy beach that is easily accessed by tunnels under the main road. So very safe. However, the actual beach is a bit of a walk away as you will have to cross the massive dunes first. Walking paths through the dunes are provided to make this easier.

If you want to skip walking through the dunes and be closer to the beach, the Iberostar hotels offer the best option for this.

Best places to stay in Jandia
Budget boutique hotel – Lemon and Soul Cactus Garden
Luxury – Iberostar Selection Fuerteventura Palace
Beach all-inclusive – Iberostar Playa Gaviotas
All-inclusive family – Iberostar Playa Gaviatos Park

Summary: White sandy beaches with some shops and restaurants but mostly large hotels
Nightlife: Some bars, pubs and restaurants with a larger selection in Morro Jable a short walk away
Best months to go: All year, December has a bit of rain
Airport transfer: From 8.50 euros
Tip: Jeep trip to Cofete beach
Video: Jandia tour

Esquinzo – Butihondo

Esquinzo Buthindo is one of the newer holiday destinations on the island, full of modern and enormous hotels set right next to the beach. This area is most often called just Esquinzo to make it easy. Many of the hotels here are all-inclusive as there is not really a town or area that has bars, restaurants or nightlife. Only on the beach you will find a few beach bars. The beach is a sensational white sandy beach and very peaceful, even though sometimes a bit windy. But that is quite common for Fuerteventura in general. Nightlife takes place mainly within the hotels here.

Best places to stay in Esquinzo
Family – Fuerteventura Princess
Budget – Aluavillage Fuerteventura

Summary: All about the white sandy beaches
Nightlife: Not much, all the nightlife takes place in the hotels
Best months to go: All year, December has a bit more rain
Airport transfer: From 8.50 euros
Tip: Visit nearby Sotavento beach
Video: Esquinzo tour

Costa Calma

Costa Calma is one of the older destinations on the island, with tourism starting here in the seventies. You can find a mix of everything here. From budget hotels to 5 stars, from small boutique hotels to massive ones and from adults-only hotels to very family-friendly ones. Costa Calma has a few bars and restaurants, but it might be far away, depending on your hotel’s location. The main attraction here is the beach.

When booking a hotel here, make sure you book it in the front of the resort near the beach and not in the back behind the main road. From here, it is hard to get to the beach, and in the evening, there is a park you have to go through that is very poorly lit and quite dark. So unless you have a rental car or want to stay mainly in the hotel, the back of Costa Calma is not the best option.

Best places to stay in Costa Calma
Adults only – H10 Playa Esmeralda
Family – H10 Tindaya
Gardens and relaxation – R2 Rio Calma
Beach – SBH Costa Calma Palace

Summary: Nice white sandy beaches with some bars and restaurants
Nightlife: Some bars and pubs but they may be far away from your hotel
Best months to go: All year, if possible avoid November and December
Airport transfer: From 7.55 euros
Tip: Visit nearby Oasis Wildlife
Video: Costa Calma tour

La Pared

La Pared is one of the only holiday destinations located on the West coast of Fuerteventura. It is small and most popular with surfers. But it could also make a nice quiet getaway if you don’t like mass tourism. The La Pared powered by Playitas is the only actual hotel here and makes for a nice place to stay.

Best places to stay in La Pared
Sports and surf – La Pared powered by Playitas

Summary: Little surfer village
Nightlife: Very little
Best months to go: June, July and August
Airport transfer: From 19.43 euros
Tip: Learn to surf

La Lajita

La Lajita is a small fishing village with a stone pebble beach, a church, a playground and a few bars and restaurants. This is the authentic Fuerteventura that tourists on the island rarely visit. There are no hotels here; however, some holiday lettings put you right next to the beach. If you speak a few words of Spanish, this will make your holiday here much easier.

Summary: A fishing village with a stone pebble beach
Nightlife: None
Best months to go: June, July, August and September
Airport transfer: From 6.50 euros
Tip: Visit nearby Oasis Wildlife
Video: La Lajita tour


Tarajalejo used to be a fishing village, but now there is more development here and a little tourism. However, Tarajalejo is still unknown to many tourists who visit Fuerteventura. Here you will find a long, grey blackish sandy beach that rarely gets crowded. Bars, restaurants and shops you will find very few here. There is also no nightlife here. So if you like a quiet holiday, this is a great place to go on holiday.

Best places to stay in Tarajalejo
Adults only – R2 Bahia Playa

Summary: Non-touristic fishing village with a nice promenade and beach
Nightlife: None
Best months to go: June, July, August and September
Airport transfer: From 6 euros
Tip: Visit nearby Oasis Wildlife
Video: Tarajalejo tour

Gran Tarajal

Gran Tarajal is one of the bigger places on the island excluding some of the tourist destinations. This place is most popular with locals for the beach and the many seaside restaurants here. It is one of the best places on the islands for fresh fish and authentic tapas. Especially in the evenings and weekends, it can get crowded here. The vast beach is a mix of beige and grey sands, and outside of the weekends and holidays rarely busy or crowded. There are no big hotels here but many vacation rentals.

Summary: Large typically Spanish city with sandy beach surrounded by authentic Spanish restaurants
Nightlife: At the weekends a lot of late-night bars and restaurants open
Best months to go: All year, avoid November and December if possible
Airport transfer: From 5.35 euros
Tip: Rent a car
Video: Gran Tarajal tour

Las Playitas

Las Playitas used to be a tiny fishing village but has seen massive development and investment. The small fishing village is still there and is mainly preserved and authentic. Still, the surrounding area has gained a golf course and colossal hotel popular with professional and recreational sports people worldwide. All types of sports can be practised here. These include golfing, swimming, sailing, tennis and many more.

Best places to stay in Las Playitas
Sports – Playitas Hotel and Sports Resort

Summary: This resort is almost completely the Playitas Hotel and Sports Resort and a small little town
Nightlife: None
Best months to go: June, July, August and September
Airport transfer: From 13.45 euros
Tip: Watersports
Video: Las Playitas tour

Caleta de Fuste

Caleta de Fuste, sometimes called El Castillo or simply Caleta, is one of the more family-friendly holiday destinations on the island. Mainly because almost all hotels here offer activities, dedicated pools and facilities for children. A relaxed evening and nightlife with a few family fun pubs also help. Also, this is close to the airport with only a few minutes driving compared to some other holiday destinations on the islands that may be more than 1 hour away from the airport. Easy for families with small children, but the planes landing and taking off can be a bit annoying if you want a quiet and relaxing holiday.

Caleta de Fuste is one of the largest holiday destinations on the island, split up into 3 different areas.

  • The area around the Playa del Castillo beach has some of the largest selection of bars, pubs and restaurants but only an ok beach, as it is pretty hard. However, this can also have its advantages for families with pushchairs.
  • The area up the hill has residential housing but also a few hotels and apartment complexes with not the best reviews. Primarily due to the fact that it is hard to get to the bars, restaurants and beaches from here.
  • The newer area, between the golf course and the La Guirra beach, has a better and softer beach. A central indoor and partly outdoor shopping centre here has most of the bars, restaurants and shops.

Best places to stay in Caleta de Fuste
Family – Elba Sarah Beach & Golf Resort
Luxury – Sheraton Fuerteventura Golf & Spa Resort
Modern family bungalows – Barcelo Fuerteventura Castillo
Budget family – Broncemar Suites
Adults-only – Ereza Mar

Summary: Popular destination close to the airport popular with mostly English-speaking tourists
Nightlife: Large selection of restaurants, cocktail bars and mostly family-friendly pubs
Best months to go: All year, December has a bit more rain
Airport transfer: From 1.45 euros
Tip: Explore the resort, there is more here than you can see on first side
Video: Caleta de Fuste tour

Costa de Antigua (Nuevo Horizonte)

Costa de Antigua used to be called Nuevo Horizonte, the name for this new planned development with big plans during the tourism boom in Fuerteventura in the late nineties. Sadly very few of these big dreams for this area have come true. The massive waterpark in front of the resort has sat abandoned for many years, and now only ruins remain. As a result, Costa de Antigua is now one of the poorest places on the island and even in Spain. There are a few budget hotels and apartments in this resort but much of the construction has been abandoned or converted into homes for the population here.

Summary: An (almost) ghost town
Nightlife: None
Best months to go: While this destination is not the best, the weather is good all year round
Airport transfer: From 5.04 euros
Tip: Rent a car

Puerto del Rosario

The current capital of Fuerteventura is Puerto del Rosario. It is located very close to the airport so easy to get to for a holiday. There is only one big hotel here, but this is located outside of the city and next to Playa Blanca beach. You can find some vacation rentals here, and the beaches are lovely and well maintained, but the place itself is not very attractive with a big port and industry in this area.

Summary: The capital with nice white sandy beaches
Nightlife: Authentically Spanish
Best months to go: June, July, August and September
Airport transfer: From 1.40 euros
Tip: Rent a car or use public transportation to explore the island

Parque Holandes

Parque Holandes is not advisable for most holidaymakers. This is a primarily residential area located inland that has had some attempts to attract tourism to this area, but most hotels, bars and restaurants have since then closed down.

Summary: A small inland with mostly residential housing
Nightlife: None
Best months to go: Can be visited all year round, best to avoid December as it has a bit more rain
Airport transfer: From 7.45 euros
Tip: Rent a car


One of the most popular areas in Fuerteventura is Corralejo, located in the North of the island. This holiday destination offers a perfect mix for most tourists, with modern hotels but an authentic harbour area with many restaurants and bars. Mix in some surfer vibes, lovely sandy beaches and active nightlife and a party area; this resort offers it all. Also, a prominent local Spanish population here makes sure that the town always feels busy and open. This is something you might not have in some of the pure tourist destinations on the island in the few low-season months they have on Fuerteventura.

Both families and adult-only holidays can be great in this area. You can find the best and bigger family hotels close to the water park and many other child-friendly activities towards the back of the resort. You can find many excellent and unique boutique hotels near the harbour area for adult-only holidays.

Best places to stay in Corralejo
Adults-only – H10 Ocean Dreams (a la carte dining) and Avanti Lifestyle hotel (boutique hotel)
Family – Barcelo Corralejo Sands
Luxury beach holiday – Secrets Bahia Real Resort & Spa

Summary: Popular holiday destination with a perfect mix of tourism and authentic harbour area
Nightlife: The best on the island
Best months to go: All year round but January, November and December see a bit of rain
Airport transfer: From 7.37 euros
Tip: Visit the waterpark and Lobos Island
Video: Corralejo tour

El Cotillo

El Cotillo is another fishing village, but this one is located in the North of the island. It is popular for peace, quiet and authenticity. Many tourists also visit El Cotillo during day trips and excursions around the island. North of town, you will find the most popular white sandy beach sheltered by dunes. This is also where most of the hotels are. There are few hotels here, but most offer excellent value.

Best places to stay in El Cotillo
Budget – Coral Cotillo Beach

Summary: A fishing village with many coastal restaurants
Nightlife: A few relaxing places to have some drinks
Best months to go: All year round but best to avoid November, December and January because of rain
Airport transfer: From 11.04 euros
Tip: Trip to Lobos Island or the waterpark
Video: El Cotillo tour


Since most tourists visit Fuerteventura for the beach and sea, very few stay inland. If you want an authentic Spanish experience, the best town to stay in is Betancuria. But this is a tiny and limited place, so renting a car is a good idea. And even then I would advise it maximum for a 3-night stay.

Summary: The old capital of Fuerteventura, now a popular tourist attraction on the island
Nightlife: None
Best months to go: Can be visited all year round
Airport transfer: From 72 euros
Tip: Rent a car