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Santa Eulalia

Santa Eulalia in Ibiza boasts a serene ambience that sets it apart from the typical Ibiza party scene. The resort town is home to the golden sands of Playa de Santa Eulalia. For those seeking a quieter spot, Cala Nieves and Es Calo de s’Alga offer a refreshing change of scenery. Tourists can also explore nearby beaches via tourist boats. Santa Eulalia is rich in culinary delights, with many restaurants offering everything from local Balearic dishes to international cuisines. The nightlife here is more subdued, focusing on relaxed terraces and live performances rather than loud nightclubs.

Santa Eulalia city centre and town hall at night


Playa de Santa Eulalia

Playa de Santa Eulalia beach

Playa de Santa Eulalia is the main beach in this area and is located right in front of the city of Santa Eulalia. It is a long golden sand beach with a few rocks sprinkled in. If you need something from the supermarket or want to get some drinks or something to eat, it is effortless to do this from this beach as many of these are located right it.

Cala Nieves

Cala Nieves beach and hotels

This is a small rocky swimming area just outside of the town. It can make for a nice getaway and change of scenery if the main beach in Santa Eulalia gets very busy on weekends or during the high season. It’s about 15 minutes walk from the centre of the city. This place is nothing special but makes for an exciting snorkelling spot.

Es Calo de s’Alga

Es Calo de s'Alga beach bar

This swimming area can also make for a nice change of scenery or escape from the main beach in Santa Eulalia during a busy weekend or high season. It is located in the Siesta area of Santa Eulalia and about 25 minutes walk from the city centre.

Where to stay in Santa Eulalia

W Ibiza hotel pool view

Santa Eulalia city is not very big, but many websites and travel agencies use Santa Eulalia as a term for a much wider area Meaning they also include the nearby Siesta, Cala Pada and Cala Martina, often under the same name, but they are located further away and are very different. So if you genuinely want to experience all Santa Eulalia has to offer, check your hotels or accommodation location on a map before booking.

Here are some hotels you can book today and know for sure you made a great choice:

  • W Ibiza: Luxury holiday
  • Sol Beach House Ibiza: Adults-only hotel in a unique location just out of town with a lovely lounge beach vibe. Small beach and bathing options nearby.
  • Catalonia Royal Ses Etaques: Adults-only boutique-style hotel with an excellent beach just outside in a peaceful location on the edge of town.
  • Hotel Riomar: Luxury hotel with sailing theme and great for beach lovers.
  • Apartamentos Ros:  Budget option close to the beach.

Things to do in Santa Eulalia

  • Try the local cuisine: With many locals living here and lots of great restaurants that cater to them, this is one of the best areas to try “Bullit de Peix” (fish stew), “Ensaimadas” (Balearic Pastry) or “Flao” (mint cheesecake).
  • Beach boat: Take the beach boat to one of the nearby beaches out of town, like Cala Llonga.
  • Watersports and boating: There are plenty of watersports you can try here, like diving, paddleboarding, kayaking, jet skiing and many more. You can also rent boats with or without crew in the marina to fit everyone’s budget.
  • Ibizkus: Visiting this place is a must for those who love wines. Here you can enjoy all kinds of wine-tasting tours.
  • Coastal boats: There are also many other beaches nearby that can be easily reached by tourist boats. These include such beaches as Cala Llonga, Cala Pada and Es Canar. In my opinion, Es Canar is the most worth visiting out of these, are to walk further to Cala Nova from Es Canar. Some boats also offer Cala Nova stops. Do know that the availability and frequency of these boats depend on the time of season you visit.

These are things you can do in or close to Santa Eulalia. For a full list of things to see and do in Ibiza, have a look here.


When it comes to restaurants, Santa Eulalia, has a lot to offer. If you like to eat out but not overpay each day, as you will see in many other more touristy resorts… then this place can be great for you. A large variety of food, snack and restaurants can be found all over the resort.

  • The marina area has the most upscale restaurant. Many of these restaurants offer fresh seafood.
  • Near the beach, next to the promenade, you also have many other restaurants and places to eat. These offer nice dining but also quick snacks for beachgoers.
  • Hidden in one of the backstreets, you will find the most themed restaurants. This reaches from Spanish to all kinds of Asian and other international food. The street is called Carrer de Sant Vincent. To find it, walk from the promenade to the town hall and take a left.


Ibiza is often associated with big and loud nightlife. Not all places in Ibiza are like that, and the same counts for Santa Eulalia. The resort is generally quiet and relaxed in the evening. Some bars offer live performances, and many are open till late, but this is mostly to offer cocktails or drinks on a relaxed outside terrace. Nightclubs, big groups of drunken or loud people can not be found here at night.

Ibiza airport to Santa Eulalia

Tourists going to taxi at Ibiza Airport
  • Public transport (4.00 €/pp): Budget-friendly option but has many stops along the way, and buses don’t go very often. The bus might stop far from your hotel.
  • Shuttle bus online (23.75 €/pp): Best for solo travel.
  • Taxi or minibus online (101.59 €): Pricey, but if you have small children who need child safety seats, this is the best option as the regular taxis at the airport don’t generally have these. The minibus option is excellent for those with a lot of luggage or more than 4 people in their group or family.
  • Taxi at the airport (35.00 €): Do know that this price is mentioned at the airport, but if travelling during the weekend or evening, the price is automatically higher. Roadworks, traffic jams or detours will have the same effect.

You can find more about the public transport options here and here you can book a taxi, shuttle or minibus online.

Santa Eulalia: When to go

An overview of the weather in Ibiza by month. Sunshine, daylight, rainfall, rainy days, temperature and sea temperature (Celsius).
An overview of the weather in Ibiza by month. Sunshine, daylight, rainfall, rainy days, temperature and sea temperature (Celsius).

Santa Eulalia is a pretty big city with lots of locals living here. Because of this, it is one of the only places on the island that is good to visit all year round in Ibiza as most things stay open all year round, where most resorts on the islands close down for winter. While some hotels, bars and restaurants do close down during the winter months here, it is far fewer compared to other places in Ibiza. However, do know that winters are generally colder and wetter.

Is Santa Eulalia the best holiday destination for you?

Santa Eulalia is ideal for travellers seeking a tranquil getaway. It is perfect for couples and individuals who prefer a relaxed atmosphere over bustling nightlife. Food enthusiasts will appreciate the diverse culinary offerings, and beach lovers will enjoy its sandy shores and clear waters.

Santa Eulalia is not a good choice if you’re after the iconic Ibiza party experience. It’s not the best fit for party-goers or those seeking big nightclubs and loud music. For families with small children, there are also better options on the island.

Not sure if Santa Eulalia is the best holiday destination for you? Then, find out where to stay in Ibiza here.