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Magaluf is the leading party destination on Mallorca for people from UK and Ireland but also most Scandinavian countries.   The biggest club here is the BCM; it has been here for many years, and still till this day is the place to be during your holiday in Magaluf.  Also, the smaller clubs from the MCP (Magaluf Club Pass) are fun most nights.  When I was working in Magaluf, my favourites were Boomerang and Banana Disco. 

Woman dancer in a club

One thing I would want to mention is that the nightlife in Magaluf is none existent in winter.  I can’t stress enough how many people write on my videos, email and posts, “I am going in February, so excited”,… but everything will be entirely closed… so don’t do that! Magaluf is great to party in June, July and August.  May and September are also ok.  October is mainly for an older generation, and all other months Magaluf is 95% closed.  So even if you find a great deal to visit from November to April… It is not worth it if you want to go party.  The main reason the hotels in this area stay open this time of year is primarily for pensioners who enjoy the peace and quiet this season offers.

 2 DJ's


Coastline of beach of Magaluf

Magaluf has one big beach that is most busy in the afternoon. In the early morning, you won’t find many people here because of many people sleeping in after going clubbing.   Next to the beach, you will find many places to eat, drink and have cocktails.  If you want to explore some of the smaller and more secluded beaches in Mallorca nearby… have a look at Port Vells and Cala Vinyes.  You can go here by bus or maybe just rent a scooter for a day.  Also, on the other side, you have the Palma Nova beaches, which are similar to Magaluf but more relaxed and quiet.


The 2 hotels I can advise in Magaluf are the Sol Wave House and Sol Guadalupe if you want a good quality hotel at a fair price. However, if you are looking for just a cheap, budget bed and stay, Magaluf has many other options.  You can find prices and deals for these and other hotels here on Booking.com. On this page, you can find the full selection of top hotels in Mallorca I visited.

If you are unsure this is the right place for you, look at my where to stay in Mallorca guide.  If you come to Mallorca to party, you might also want to look at El Arenal and Cala Ratjada.

Restaurants and bars

There are restaurants in Magaluf, but most are about clubbing.  If you want a good meal, look at the beachside or more towards the Palma Nova area.  In Magaluf, you mostly find fast and junk food places. However, you will also find many burger and fast-food restaurants that stay open until early.

Restaurant in Magaluf

How to get to Magaluf

From the Mallorca Airport (PMI), you can make it relatively easy to Magaluf as there are direct buses and no need to transfer in Palma central station like it used to be.

For pricing of taxis, buses and shuttles to Magaluf, have a look here. You can also find the companies I use in Mallorca and would advise using there.

Things to do near Magaluf

Near Magaluf, you will find many fun things to do.  The Western Water Park is the best and newest water park in Mallorca.  The Pirates Show (especially the Reloaded 18+ version) is right up the ally of most people coming to party in Magaluf. If you want some random funny things to do, have a look at everything that Katmandu has to offer.  For those who want to get crazy, drunk a Sunset Booze Cruise or boat party is a must. 

You can find tickets for all of these online at the best price directly with the organizers.  No need to go through another company or your rep.  But most importantly… Please don’t buy any of these tickets on the beach from people you don’t know… they are most likely fake… This is one of the more popular scams in this region of Mallorca.

Here you can find a complete list of things I would advise you to do and see in Mallorca.