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Golf del Sur


When it comes to beaches in the Golf del Sur, it is a bit slim pickings. However, there is one typical rocky, pebble beach close to the harbour area. Here you will also find loads of restaurants and little snack places nearby.  

People on the beach in the Golf del Sur

A bit further down, the new Sandos San Blas complex has a more developed beach in front of it. A compact white sandy beach with sunbeds and a nice little beach bar.


The Golf del Sur does not have many hotels; it’s one of the smaller resorts in size on Tenerife if you take away the golf course, which is more than 50% of the land area of the Golf del Sur. 


You will find most nightlife in the San Blas shopping area, but don’t expect any clubs or discos. Instead, it’s mostly a large selection of international bars.  There are also some other bars spread over the whole area, but the Golf del Sur area is not about parties or loud nightlife; it’s more a place to relax and have a few drinks.

If you are unsure if Golf del Sur is the best for you, look at my where to stay in Tenerife guide covering all the different holiday destinations in Tenerife.

Restaurants and bars

Restaurants and bars in the Golf del Sur

It is pretty cheap to eat and drink here in the Golf del Sur compared to some more touristic areas in Tenerife.  I do not mean that the quality is low… more that there is a large variety and choice of restaurants that offer food at everyday Tenerife prices. You can find great restaurants all over the area, but the most variety you will find in the San Blas shopping centre, while possibly the best place to eat, is right next to the Playa San Miguel de Abona beach.


Even tho Golf del Sur has the San Blas “shopping centre,” this place does not allow for much shopping except for touristy shops.  It is mainly filled with bars and restaurants.  If you want to do some real shopping in Tenerife, the good cheap shops are in Santa Cruz de Tenerife on the other side of the island, about 1 hour by car or 1,5 hours of beautiful coast and ocean views by bus.

How to get to Golf del Sur

Golf del Sur is 9 km away from the Tenerife South Airport:

  • Public transport: 2.5 euro
  • Shuttle bus: 5 euro
  • Taxi: 30 euro

Golf del Sur is 73 km away from the Tenerife North Airport:

  • Public transport: No direct bus available to Golf del Sur
  • Shuttle bus: Not available if you don’t have a packaged holiday
  • Taxi: 85 euro

Here are essential things you need to know about buses, shuttles and taxis at the Tenerife airports. You can also find the companies I use when travelling in Tenerife there.

Things to do near Golf del Sur

Rental cars at the Tenerife airport

Golf del Sur is, of course, all about playing golf.  However, many people also come here who don’t play golf.  Since the Golf del Sur is close to everything but far enough away not to get there quickly, I would advise you to rent a car when going to the Golf del Sur so you can easily move around and explore the island.  Renting a car at the airport for a week is also very cheap in Tenerife, more affordable than most places in Spain, especially when not travelling in (December, July, August) the more busy months.

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