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Tenerife: Weather & when to go

When to stay where in Tenerife

When to go where in Tenerife: green = good, orange = ok , red = avoid

The above chart should give you a quick and easy idea of when to go where. However, if you find a good deal, you can pretty much go everywhere in Tenerife at any time. Except for December, when it is best to avoid the North of the island because it has a lot more rain in that month than the more Southern parts of Tenerife.

The winter months (October, November, December, January and February) in Tenerife are mostly sunny and warm, similar to summer. However, bringing a jacket or sweater is a good idea for windy days or colder evenings. If you are looking for a beach and pool holiday in these months, it is best to stick to the South of Tenerife. This is because the North areas like Santa Cruz and Puerto de la Cruz get more rain during this time of the year. But except for December, I would not fully advise against going there in winter as the Northside of the island looks incredibly beautiful and lush that time of the year because of the rainfall.

For those visiting Tenerife in March and April, I would most advise the bigger resorts like Los Cristianos, Playa de las Americas and Costa Adeje. This is because other smaller resorts can feel empty and might have quite a few bars and restaurants closed around that time because there will be fewer people on the island in these months (except for the Easter holidays). What makes for a great time to visit the island and find some interesting last-minute and budget deals. Most days, the weather will be warm and sunny, but bring a sweater or jacket for potentially cold evenings.

May, June, July, August and September are the hottest and driest summer months. Ideal for a sunny beach or pool holiday. Some of these days can feel too hot. If you would like an escape from the heat on some of these days, you can drive up Teide for some instant refreshment, where it will be much colder.

Tenerife price by month

If you want to visit Tenerife on a budget, then March, October, and November are normally the best deals. October and November have normally the best weather of these 3 months. January, June, July, August and December are the most expensive months. February, April, March and September have moderate pricing.

School holidays, like Easter and Christmas, are also among the more expensive in Tenerife.

Accommodation and hotel prices by month in Tenerife

If you want to avoid the more expensive times to visit Tenerife, this website gives you a clear and constantly updated overview of when to go for the best deals.

Tenerife climate

An overview of the weather in Tenerife by month. Sunshine, daylight, rainfall, rainy days, temperature and sea temperature (Celsius).


Temperature by month in Tenerife (high and low, Celsius)

You can find the hottest summer months in June, July, August, September and October. However, October is the first month after summer that it starts to get rainy again, so if you are looking for sunny, hot beach weather, you may want to avoid October.

Daylight and sunshine hours

Daylight and sunshine hours by month in Tenerife

The months of July and August have the most sunshine in Tenerife. But in general, Tenerife is a sunny place all year round.

Rainfall and rainy days

Rainfall in Tenerife by month (mm)

November, December, January and February are the rainiest months in Tenerife. However, much of this rain falls in the North, so if you go to the South on holiday like most people, it is not much to worry about.

Rainy days by month in Tenerife

May, June, July, August, and September usually don’t see any rain in Tenerife. So especially in the South of the island, you can be pretty much guaranteed clear, sunny and dry skies.

Sea temperature

Seawater temperature by month in Tenerife (Celsius)

The seawater in Tenerife stays pretty much stable all year round and offers a comfortable temperature for swimming. However, in February and March, it can feel a little bit too cold for some.


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