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Es Canar

Es Canar, located on the picturesque island of Ibiza, is a serene haven for beach lovers. The golden-sanded Playa Es Canar is a tourist-friendly beach with many watersports and calm waters, making it perfect for families with young children. The more relaxed Cala Nova beach is a short walk away, offering a more tranquil setting. The town has many restaurants serving diverse cuisines, from traditional Spanish tapas to Asian delights. The nightlife, is family-friendly, with many establishments offering live performances and karaoke.

Es Canar sea view


Playa Es Canar

Playa Es Canar beach

Playa Es Canar is your typical tourist-friendly beach. The golden sands, surrounded by trees for some shade, make a pleasant and relaxing setting. Since the sea here is calm and shallow because of the protective bay it is located in, it is also ideal for families with small children. Next to the beach, you will also find several unique beach bars where you can enjoy some drinks.

Cala Nova

Cala Nova beach

The beach of Cala Nova is just a 15-minute walk away if you want a change of scenery. Remember that the fastest route is to follow the coastline that takes you through a rocky area not ideal for families with small children, but you can also follow the road to get you there. This beach is generally less busy as it is hidden out of sight, and fewer hotels and tourists are here. It has the same golden sands mixed with some rocks, an often more relaxing setting, and a few beach bars and restaurants.

Where to stay in Es Canar

Anfora Ibiza hotel pool

Es Canar is not very big, and no matter where you stay, you will be close to beaches, restaurants and nightlife. If you are mostly here for relaxation and the beaches, then it i best to stay towards the North of the town, a bit away from the nightlife andso closer to the Cala Nova beach.

These hotels you can book today and know for sure you made a great choice:

Things to do in Es Canar

  • Hippy Market: Most likely, one of the most well know things about Es Canar is the hippy market that takes place every Wednesday.
  • Funfair: This one is located in the heart of town and is open late into the evening—great fun for kids.
  • Boat to nearby beaches: From Playa es Canar you can also reach different beaches nearby by tourist boat. These include Santa Eulalia, Cala Pada and Cala Llonga. While there are others you can go to, they are generally similar to the Playa es Canar. Santa Eulalia is interesting as it also has a bigger town to explore. Formentera is also interesting as it is a whole different island and vibe from Ibiza.
  • Watersports: There are many watersports you can do here in this area. While many of the smaller resorts in Ibiza only have soft sports like pedalboats and paddle boarding, here you can also partake in motorised sports like parasailing and jetskiing.
  • Formentera: Boat trips are going to this neighbouring island.
  • Hike to Cala Llenya or Cala Martina: These beaches offer a change of scenery. Cala Llenya is the more natural feeling, while Cala Martina has a bigger bar and restaurant and options for windsurfing and sailing.

These are things you can do in or close to Es Canar. For a full list of things to see and do in Ibiza, have a look here.


For eating out, Es Cana is a great place, especially with children. There is a large variety of foods. These include traditional Spanish food and tapas, Asian and Italian cuisine and many more. The selection here is excellent, especially for a relatively small holiday destination like this,. There are also many pubs and bars where you can have a quick snack. Most of the places to eat here are pretty budget friendly for Ibiza.


The nightlife here is pretty family-friendly. Most offer a relaxed setting where you can enjoy drinks and a live performance like a singer, band or show. Or enjoy the football. Many places also offer karaoke. Most of the nightlife has a British vibe to it.

On the beach, you can enjoy cocktails and drinks in a relaxed, loungey setting.

There are not many places open or loud till late in the morning near the hotels, as you may find in many other holiday destinations in Ibiza. While there are a few places open till the morning, these are located away from most of the hotels or only do this indoors.

Ibiza Airport to Es Canar

People waiting for a taxi at Ibiza Airport
  • Public transport (4.00 €/pp): Budget option but not suitable for late arrivals. These buses in summer often get crowded and busy, and you might struggle to get on them.
  • Shuttle bus online (23.75 €/pp): Best for solo travellers.
  • Taxi or minibus online (109.35 €): If you need child safety seats, this is the only way. There is also no waiting or losing time at the taxi stand. The minibus is excellent if you are more than 4 people or lots of luggage.
  • Taxi at the airport (40.00 €): This is the weekday’s base price. During weekends or evenings, it will be much more. Roadworks, traffic jams and detours will have the same effect. Maximum 4 people and no child safety seats.

You can find more about the public transport options here and here you can book a taxi, shuttle or minibus online.

Es Canar: When to go

An overview of the weather in Ibiza by month. Sunshine, daylight, rainfall, rainy days, temperature and sea temperature (Celsius).
An overview of the weather in Ibiza by month. Sunshine, daylight, rainfall, rainy days, temperature and sea temperature (Celsius).

Es Canar is best visited from May to October, with the best weather in June, July, August and September. May and October are great for finding budget deals but do know that in the first half of May and ending of October, some hotels, restaurants, and bars might be closed in this area. If you are travelling on a budget and don’t like crowds, then Es Canar during these months is ideal.

Is Es Canar the best holiday destination for you?

Es Canar is a good choice for families in Ibiza, especially those with young children, owing to its calm beaches and family-friendly nightlife. Couples and solo travellers seeking relaxation with nice dining and bit of nightlife, will also find it appealing.

Those looking for a bustling nightlife scene like some other parts of Ibiza might find Es Cana a bit boring.

Not sure if Es Canar is the best holiday destination for you? Then, find out where to stay in Ibiza here.