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Cala Llonga

Cala Llonga in Ibiza is a serene haven with calm waters and golden sandy shores. The bay remains calm even on the windiest days, making it ideal for families, especially those with young children. Rocky platforms on either side of the bay offer direct sea access for those who love the sea but not the sand. Beyond the beach, Cala Llonga boasts a range of activities, from hiking trails to golfing, and the bustling Ibiza town is just a short distance away.

Boat dock and sea at Cala Llonga


Boats in the Cala Llonga bay

Cala Llonga beach is located in one of the longest bays on the island of Ibiza. That means there are almost no waves here most days, and the water is very still. Even on windy days when some other places on the islands will have huge waves, the sea here stays relatively calm. This, combined with a lovely golden sandy beach, makes it ideal for families with young children who love the sea and beach. You also have restaurants, supermarkets and bars right next to the beach. As well as a playground for the little ones.

Shallow water of Cala Llonga bay

For those who don’t like sand but love the sea, there are also rocky platforms on the left and right of the bay with direct sea access.

Cala Llonga beach

You can also take the boat to many nearby beaches from the pier on the left of the beach. These include Cala Pada, Santa Eulalia and Es Canar.

Boat trips info sing in Cala Llonga

Where to stay in Cala Llonga

People on rocky structure next to sea

Most of the accommodation here is close to the beach, bars and restaurants. For those with babies, small children or limited mobility, it is essential to check your hotel’s location on a map before booking. The hotels on the left and right of the bay against the cliffs are not always ideal for you to get around but might be ideal if you want to stay in the hotel and have direct sea access.

These hotels you can book today and know for sure you made a great choice:

Things to do in Cala Llonga

  • Watch a movie at Amante: The nearby beach club offers a unique open-air cinema experience.
  • Water sports: You can rent kayaks, paddleboards or pedal boats here.
  • Hiking: Since there is so much nature nearby, Cala Llonga is a great place to go hiking on one of several nearby hiking trails. Most of these follow the local coastline.
  • Golf: Since it is located right next to the Golf Ibiza, this is an excellent place for golf lovers.
  • Boat trips: Daily boat trips can take you to nearby beaches along the coast or the neighbouring island of Formentor.
  • Eivissa (Ibiza town) and Dalt Vila: Ibiza’s bubbling capital and old town are about 10 km away. So for those who like history, shopping, dining or clubbing, this is must visit.
  • Diving: With several diving schools, you can dive in Cala Llonga in the mysterious caves of La Catedral.
  • Wine: Wine lovers can go to Ibizkus Wines for all kinds of wine tasting.
  • Nearby beaches: There are several nearby beaches worth exploring for adventurous people. Cala Blanca is easiest reached through a tunnel in the mountain. Cala Sol d’en Serra is not particularly interesting as a beach but worth visiting because of the Amante beach club here. For the truly adventurous, Cala Oliver offers a nice day trip about an hour’s walk away.
  • Market: Every Thursday during the season, there is a market in town in the evening next to the beach with all kinds of handicrafts, jewellery and clothing.

These are things you can do in or close to Cala Llonga. For a full list of things to see and do in Ibiza, have a look here.


Cala Llonga has few places to eat as the area is relatively small. However, the restaurants that are here offer quite a bit of variety. Mexican, Argentinian, typical Spanish tapas and even some Thai food… you can find it here. As most of the restaurants in this area are grouped, it is also easy to browse and find what you are interested in. Most of the restaurants in this area are not cheap but also not expensive… but somewhere in the middle.

If you want a unique and upscale dining experience, visit the Amante Ibiza restaurant just outside of the Cala Llonga area.


Nightlife in Cala Llonga is mainly focused on people looking for a relaxed holiday destination in Ibiza away from the busy, crowded and loud nightlife holiday destination in Ibiza. Most places close well before midnight. While there are a few nice places to enjoy cocktails or drinks in a relaxed setting, most close well before midnight but a few stay open till later.

For those nights you want to go clubbing or have a more active night out, Ibiza city and the famous Pacha’s nightclub are 12 km away, or about 15-20 minutes by taxi.

Ibiza Airport to Cala Llonga

People waiting for a taxi at Ibiza Airport
  • Public transport (6.60 €/pp): Budget option, but you need at least 2 different buses to reach your destination.
  • Shuttle bus online (23.75 €/pp): Best for solo travel.
  • Taxi (101.59 €) or minibus (94.85 €) online: If you need child safety seats, this is the only option. Also no waiting or losing time at the airport taxi stand. Minibus is cheaper and ideal if you are more than 4 people or have lot of luggage.
  • Taxi at the airport (30.00€): This is the base price for weekdays. During weekends and evenings, the price is higher. Roadworks, traffic jams and detours will also make the price go up. Maximum 4 people and no child safety seats.

You can find more about the public transport options here and here you can book a taxi, shuttle or minibus online.

Cala Llonga: When to go

An overview of the weather in Ibiza by month. Sunshine, daylight, rainfall, rainy days, temperature and sea temperature (Celsius).
An overview of the weather in Ibiza by month. Sunshine, daylight, rainfall, rainy days, temperature and sea temperature (Celsius).

Since Cala Llonga is mainly about the beach and sea, it is best to visit during June, July, August or September for the best beach holiday weather. May and October can feel very quiet in this area of Ibiza, especially during the first weeks of May and the last weeks of October when some bars, hotels and restaurants in this area will be closed. However, the final weeks of May and the first weeks of October are the best time for those looking for a budget holiday that is not too crowded.

Is Cala Llonga the best holiday destination for you?

Cala Llonga is perfect for families visiting Ibiza, especially those with young children, due to its calm waters and child-friendly amenities. Nature enthusiasts will appreciate the hiking trails, while golf lovers have a course next door. Those seeking a relaxed holiday away from the hustle and bustle will find this place ideal.

Night owls might find Cala Llonga a bit too quiet, as most places close before midnight. Party-goers looking for the iconic Ibiza nightlife might be better suited elsewhere. Additionally, those with mobility issues should carefully choose their accommodation, as some hotels on the cliffs might not be easily accessible.

Not sure if Cala Llonga is the best holiday destination for you? Then, find out where to stay in Ibiza here.