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Playa de Palma


Beach of Playa de Palma

The beach in Playa de Palma is one vast wide sandy beach with lots of “chiringuitos“, snack places, restaurants and supermarkets right next to it.  The promenade next to the beach has very little traffic, so a relaxing and peaceful setting. Playa de Palma beach, however, can get very busy, especially in July and August, so keep that in mind, but this is the case for most beaches in Mallorca around that time of year. If it gets too busy, you might want to head over to the Can Pastilla area, where there is generally more space.


Playa de Palma offers an extensive choice of hotels, being one of the biggest resorts on Mallorca. During my stay in Mallorca, I visited many of these.


People in a bar in the night in Playa de Palma

Playa de Palma has an active nightlife, especially in the direction of El Arenal, with many nightclubs, bars and beer gardens.  For most of the hotels in Playa de Palma, this is far enough away not to be disturbed by it. Playa de Palma itself is home to many beach clubs next to the front line, where you can enjoy cocktails and a loungey vibe. For real party life, you should look at the Mega Park in the direction of El Arenal or one of the many party streets in this area.

If you are not sure Playa de Palma is right for you, look at my where to stay in Mallorca guide.

Restaurants & bars

Playa de Palma has many restaurants all over the resort, with many of them catering to a primarily Dutch and German audience with their typical dishes.  Over the years, many restaurants have been improving the quality and offer, especially near the beach, but you can still enjoy a nice dinner on a budget in many of the backstreets.

Chiringuito in Playa de Palma

Shopping & markets

While Playa de Palma does have a few stores, most of these only offer touristy clothing and accessories. For real shopping, you will find the FAN outlet shopping centre nearby with many well-known brands. You can easily reach this with the public blue EMT busses. But also a trip to Palma might be worth a visit. There are many shopping streets near the central station and large air-conditioned shopping centres like Porto Pi.

In the evening there are always little market stands on the promenade where you can also browse.

How to get to Playa de Palma

From the Palma Airport (PMI), it is just a few kilometres to Playa de Palma. Public transport is an option, but for many reasons, I would advise booking a shuttle instead. A taxi is also an option but will cost a bit more.

For pricing and to find out if a bus, shuttle or taxi is the best option for you to get to Playa de Palma, have a look here.

Things to do near Playa de Palma

Playa de Palma is in a great location nearby most of the major attractions on Mallorca. Aqualand Water Park is one of these but would advise you not to go here during July and August as it will get way too crowded and there will be many waiting lines. If you are going to go, Saturday is usually the less busy day in the Aqualand.

For culture, you have Palma, just a 10-minute bus drive away with many things to explore, like the famous Palma Cathedral.

On any day, but especially a rainy day, the Palma Aquarium on the edge of Playa de Palma offers a bit of education but mostly lots of fun and things to do. It is not only fishes in aquariums; it is much more than that.

Here you can find everything I would advise seeing and doing in Mallorca.


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