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Callao Salvaje


Playa de Ajabo beach

Playa de Ajabo is the main beach in Callao Salvaje.  If visiting the same beach every day would get a bit boring, know that you can have a walk over to the Playa Paraiso where you will find several other small sandy and rocky beaches that could offer some variety.


There aren’t any big hotels in Callao Salvaje except for the Atlantic Holiday and Pearly Grey Ocean Club in the front line with ocean views and near the beach. What you find much more in this area is houses, villas and apartments for rent. Many of these you can find pretty good prices compared to some of the “more popular” destinations in Tenerife. You can find the current prices for these hotels and deals for Callao Salvaje on Booking.com.


Nightlife in Callao Salvaje

Callao Salvaje is a relaxed village with mostly holiday homes and apartment complexes and many local people living here.  There are a few bars to enjoy a few drinks at night but no clubs or all-night party life.

Bars and restaurants

In Callao Salvaje, you will find quite a few smaller and cosy restaurants with a decent amount of variety.  Especially near the front line and close to the beach, you will find most of these. Some of the restaurants also have live musicians and performers in the evening.

Restaurant menu from a restaurant in Callao Salvaje with prices

If you are unsure this is the right place for you in Tenerife, look at my where to stay in Tenerife guide.

How to get to Callao Salvaje

Callao Salvaje is 27 km away from the Tenerife South Airport:

  • Public bus: 7 euro (transfer in Costa Adeje)
  • Shuttle bus: 5 euro
  • Taxi: 33.60 euro

Callao Salvaje is 91 km away from the Tenerife North Airport:

  • Public bus: 15 euro
  • Shuttle bus: Not available if not included in your packaged holidays
  • Taxi: 95 euro

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Things to do near Callao Salvaje

Callao Salvaje is a nice quiet place, but a bit away from everything there is to do in Tenerife. You could visit these places with an organized excursion, but I would advise you to rent a car like I did instead. Most of the time in Tenerife, you can find these easily with fully comprehensive insurance for less than 90 euros per week.

Also, since most likely, you will have self-catering when on holiday to a villa or house in Callao Salvaje, this will help you do some cheaper and bigger shopping. If you rent a car then visiting Siam Water Park is one of the things you have to do while in Tenerife as it is the best water park in Spain I have been to.

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