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Bahia Feliz

The sandy relax part of the Bahia feliz beach

Bahia Feliz is one of the small, tiny and quiet getaways in Gran Canaria. If you want to relax, this might be the best place for you. Don’t expect a large resort with many bars, restaurants and shops. This is not one of those. It’s small, compact and relaxing.


There isn’t much choice of beaches in the Bahia Feliz area because the Bahia Feliz area is pretty tiny.  The main beach is a rocky little beach with a sandy chill and relaxing area next to it. A bit further down, you find the Playa del Aguila; this is a black sandy beach that is a more natural and more spacious beach in the area and within walking distance.


There isn’t much of a party nightlife in the Bahia Feliz, just a few chill bars around the shopping centre where you can have a few drinks in the evening.  Sometimes they also do a bit of Karaoke here, but many people stay within the hotels in the evening.

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Restaurants & bars

For food and drinks, there is mostly the shopping centre area in Bahia Feliz.  There you will find most of the restaurants. However, there aren’t many restaurants as many holidaymakers in this area eat mainly in the hotel.

Beach restaurant in Bahia Feliz

How to get to Bahia Feliz

Bahia Feliz is the closest real holiday destination in Gran Canaria to the airport, with just 24 km driving from the Gran Canaria airport (LPA):

  • Public transport: 2.75€
  • Shuttle bus: 5.88€
  • Taxi: 39€

You can find the companies I booked with and would advise, as well as essential things to know about airport taxis, shuttles and buses here.


This resort is just a small and quiet place. While many guides mention that this area has a “shopping centre “, don’t expect too much. Most of the stores offer basic touristy things. Also, most of the spaces in the shopping centre are either restaurants or bars.

Things to do in the Bahia Feliz

Bahia Feliz is an excellent place, but there is not much to do in the resort except go to the beach. However, it is an ideal place to explore the rest of the island, and many of the attractions are not too far away. My main advice, for all these reasons, would be to rent a car in Gran Canaria as it is so cheap. You usually can rent them at the airport with fully comprehensive insurance for less than 100 euros per week.

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